Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pucker up!

office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional kenneth cole reaction coat old navy jeans nina pumps
office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional gap sweater jcrew shirt old navy jeans nina pumps
office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional red lips
office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional nikon D3100 urban outfitters ring forever 21 bracelet gray nails

The Rundown:
1 + 6 + 16
Nina pumps (via Ross) - 2009 - $16 (replacing item 8) (similar here and here)
Kenneth Cole Reaction coat - 2007 - Christmas gift (similar)
Forever 21 chain bracelet - 2010 - $5 (similar)
Urban Outfitters double-finger ring - 2010 - birthday gift (available)
Target silver stud earrings - 2010 - $5 (set of two earrings) (similar)
Gray scarf (used as neck knot) - 2010 - swapped (similar)
Red lips: Sephora lips pencil No. 411 with L'oreal Color Juice Stick in Cherry Freeze
Gray nails: self-mixed Wet n' Wild black and white

Today's get-up was more about the accessories and hair/make-up than the outfit itself (which was kind of boring, but warm--I wore tights under my jeans, too). Two things, one obvious, one not-so-much.
  1. I curled my hair. But it was such a mess I had to pull it back. Will wait a few more weeks until I try it again.
  2. I wore bright lipstick! With today's blah outfit, I needed something to light up my face. Pulled some stuff from my lip product drawer (yes, I have one, but it's pretty small), and layered some colors on.  I like it! I've always been self-conscious about my lips, so usually stick to clear gloss or chapstick.  My goal is to try a different lipcolor each day until I've tried everything in my drawer (should take about a week).

What worked:
The shoes! Love these shoes. And the coat. (Cold-weather outerwear doesn't count in the 30, remember?) And the lips.

What didn't:
The baggy shirt under a thin-knit sweater. It did keep me warm, though!

Are you a lip color gal or do you keep it pretty neutral?


  1. Love the red lips! I am definitely a lip color girl....neutrals just don't look good on me!

  2. I LOVE that coat! It is amazing. As for the outfit, I think you look great and super cute. I think it's fine to wear basics when you wear them well. The little neck scarf tucked in makes the outfit super cute in my opinion.

  3. Great jacket, and love the lip color... I wish I were a lip color girl - I'm a little makeup-stupid, but I love how bright lips look on everyone else!

  4. I love your coat! It is so great! Your lipstick reminds me that I need t work on wearing makeup more....

  5. I love that you are a Nikon girl :)

    Loving the red lips too - brings great color to your face!

  6. You pull off the bright lips well. I really love your jacket!

  7. This Lipstick is a PERFECT color for your skin and the coat... LOVE!

    Yours Truly

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  8. i love this coat! i really think i should try buying a jacket that isn't black. I'm too shy though!

  9. Could you please do a tutorial on/explain how you mixed your nail polish? How do you keep the brushes with their original colour? Sounds silly but it'd be helpful to see how it's done! Thanks!

  10. Love the lip color!! And I've done the whole baggy shirt under thin or form fitting sweater thing too... oops! :)


  11. @ ashley - I love the look of neutrals on everyone else but can't seem to find the right one that works for me. Without some color my lips are really blah.

    @ kathryn - thanks!

    @ anne - I'm pretty makeup stupid myself, which is why I'm only just now really playing with lip color (and it feels totally weird).

    @ basiccravings - thanks...definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet.

    @ eek - yes! I am loving my new little nikon. still don't know much about it, but trying.

    @ curls and pearls - thank you!

    @ lateadah - thanks. I'm never quite sure about colors, especially with red (yellow toned? orange toned? blue toned? i can never tell what's what or what works)

    @ thedemuremuse - You should! Colors can act almost as neutrals, especially when they're in coat form.

    @ lauren - great idea...I'll see what I can come up with. I think the white nail polish was completely compromised with this mix, but I still have about half a thing of plain black left.

    @ nicole - thanks! I know, I can never really quite grasp the layering of sweaters--most of mine are pretty thin (don't need them much thicker being in California and all).

  12. I love this whole outfit- I love the lips, the jacket, the shoes, the colored shirt over the sweater, the bracelet, the nail color... especially the nail color!

  13. that's a really pretty green coat. i love the preppiness underneath too!

  14. @ natalie - thanks, girl! Gray is my fave for nails.

    @ woodycakes - the coat is my favorite :)

  15. i love your cute ponytail! Maybe if I chop off my hair it'll be that cute too :D

    i also love the unique green that your coat is in, because i only have boring white/offwhite and black shtoof, so the burst of color is nice!

  16. @ t - maybe..are you thinking about cutting your hair short? It's so pretty long.

  17. Oh I love baby ponies!

  18. ooh, and to answer your question, i like berries. but i've been searching for a nude.

  19. @ emily - me too! but my layers make my pony really weird.

    @ step/neurp - thanks. Nudes have been hard for me to find, too. I like the Flirt! one I have.


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