Friday, December 10, 2010

The New Professional Gift Guide | Etsy fun!

It's nice to find things at stores, but there are so many more options with Etsy. Here are my favorite Etsy gift picks (office-themed, of course).

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  1. etsy is a dangerous place. after perusing i find suddenly there are a lot of things i never knew i needed. and those lego tacks reminded me..what about lego earrings??! cute! i love this season!

  2. @ t - seriouslllly. I'm sure there are lego earrings, but I wonder how large they would be?

  3. Um, you are my hero. This is perfect!! I always struggle with what to get my work people for the holidays. Love!!

  4. @ jill - haha you are too sweet! I stress a ton over gift-giving, too.


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