Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm a tree!

sacramento office fashion blogger the new professional angeline evans banana republic dress layered franco sarto boots business casual
sacramento office fashion blogger the new professional angeline evans banana republic dress layered business casual pearls
sacramento office fashion blogger the new professional angeline evans banana republic dress layered franco sarto boots business casual
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The Rundown:
3 + 12 + 21 + 27
Target? faux pearl studs - ?? - cheap (similar)
Premier Designs faux pearl strand (doubled over) - 2010 - free with purchase (similar)
Black/gray sheer hose - ?? - ?? (similar)
Vintage braided leather belt - 2010 - $7 (similar)

You guys, I am getting so close to the end of the challenge. It's killing me! This home stretch is where I get a little desperate and try to fit in the items I barely wore throughout the rest of the challenge. So far, so good. I really liked this outfit, except the dress is too small and nearly cut circulation off to my forearms. I had to have K help get it off tonight, and there were marks on my upper arms where the cuff was.

Double the layering, double the fun! Somehow, when I put the dress on this morning it was short. Like, more than 3 inches above my knee short. So I pulled on my pencil skirt underneath.  By 3 p.m., it was fine, and basically covering up the whole skirt. I call it the disappearing under-layer trick (TM).

Oh yes, and I dressed like a tree. Again. Although I live in a hippie town, I am not a treehugger. But at least I can blend in.

What worked:
I love love love the button-up underneath the dress, especially since the neckline has gotten stretched out. Modesty feels so nice.  And I figured out how to turn my long strand of pearls into two short strands (without buying one of those one-use gadgets).

What didn't:
Not sure if the belt over the built-in belt worked so well. It's hard to tell in the photos, but in real life the brown belt was sitting on top of a dress belt. I wrapped it around a bunch of times and tucked it under itself, but it was still sort of bulky.  Oh well.  I need a tutorial sort of like Academichic's but backwards--how to get hide one!

How do you style clothes with built-in belts? Do you always go with what's there or do you like to mix it up?


  1. The print is great and I love the shirt layer under it. Not crazy about the belt, it break up the line of the dress for me.

    YOU in a ponytail = aces. Somehow, I approve wholeheartedly on your minimal do, even though you weren't askin'.

    Belt and my thick waistline are NOT very good friends. So you won't catch me layering two belts on eachother. I would have just cut the dressbelt out.

  2. "it break up the line" should read breakS up...
    I guess proof-reading should be something I do more bad.

  3. I have been thinking about doing this kind of layering, but fear bulk! Clearly not a problem for you!

  4. love the shirt under the wrap dress! i never would have thought of that. i can't wait to try it sometime!

  5. I love this look - great layers to keep you warm yet stylish.

  6. So cute! I love this look on you -- what a great dress!

    I really struggle with the built-in belt thing, and tend to stay away from styles that include them, but you're probably right -- I should just push myself to experiment more with this sort of look.

    I'm super layered up today against the frigid temps outside -- thanks for inspiring with this great layered ensemble!

  7. You're the best looking tree I've ever seen! And I love that your skirt disappeared...too funny!

  8. This is great - I love this dress, and I particularly like the collared shirt underneath it - I am going to have to try a button-down shirt under my wrap dress. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I really love this. I used to always keep the belt on the dress it went with, but now I hardly ever use a particular belt on he dress it came with.

  10. Great outfit!! I just found your blog (Via Hope and the Dress Code) and I LOVE your style!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  11. Thank you for the inspiration!!! :)

  12. @ citizen - thanks for the pony comment--in all honesty, ponytails are my favorite style, even when my hair is long. Just so easy and clean.

    @ martha - It was probably because the dress fabric is so thin, but it didn't feel bulky at all (even with two skirts on).

    @ iamusemyself - try it!

    @ eek - definitely was nice and warm. :)

    @ S - I was a bit wary about the belt thing...this is actually my only dress that has this. Not so bad.

    @ ashley - thanks girl!

    @ karen - you're welcome!

    @ pixie - This belt is attached, or I would have taken it off entirely. I do like adding other things more now than before.

    @ sarah and hope - welcome!

  13. I could never pull off this type of layering! I love that dress!

  14. I love this outfit. I also like your skirt under your dress trick.

  15. First of all, I love this dress. The chain-link pattern is such a classic. Is it jersey? I have a jersey wrap dress that stretches out as I wear it...except not so much in length, more so through the torso.

    I couldn't even tell that your dress had a self belt! If I want to wear a belt other than an attached belt on a piece of clothing, I usually do exactly what you did--wrap it around my waist, making it as flat as possible, then layer the intended belt on top. However, I have found that this usually works best with a wide belt on top (like Day 2 of my summer 30 for 30).

  16. @ Jeanna - I'm not really sure what it is--probably jersey. It's machine washable. I think a wide belt definitely would have worked better, but I don't really have one that would have worked. I need a thick brown belt.

  17. I think that the layering here is formidable.
    Well worn !

  18. Great idea with the shirt under the wrap; I am going to have to try that out this winter! Very cute. Gives a wrap dress new life!


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