Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sometimes more is more

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional gap sweater swapped black pencil skirt enzo angiolini peep toes green cable knit tights simply vera wang kohls vintage scarf belted
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional gap sweater kohls vintage scarf belted
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional swapped black pencil skirt enzo angiolini peep toes green cable knit tights simply vera wang kohls

The Rundown:
6 + 12 + 30
Vintage silk scarf via Bows and Arrows - 2010 - $12 (similar)
Gap belt - 2010 - $10 (similar)
Simply Vera Wang cable knit tights via Kohl's - 2009 - gift (similar)
Premier Designs faux pearl drop earrings - 2010 - $19 (similar)

Two more days! Two more days! I've been holding this outfit idea in my head for weeks, and I just had to squeeze it in before the end of the 30.  How trendy is this? Belted scarf.  Tights with open-toed shoes. Snowmen in the background (pic 2). The green tights were a bit of an afterthought--I was originally intending to go with these opaque tights, but they were unavailable (they've moved into the bottom of my laundry basket along with half of my 30 items). I figured since I've done the green and brown thing twice already this week, I might as well keep going (my other options for opaque-ish tights were blue and brown).

What worked:
The belted scarf! And I actually am really loving the tights + open toes thing. I really don't have an excuse--even as cold as this week has been, we've still be in the 50s, which I know is eons warmer than what some of you are experiencing.

What didn't: 
Felt a little like overload with the scarf, belt, colorful tights, and drop earrings.  I'm not sure what would be better, though--paring back or piling more on for a complete look. I think an extra ring, necklace, or bracelet actually would have helped (I know: this totally bucks Coco Chanel's rule about taking one item off before you leave the house, but really, aren't rules meant to be broken?).

Do you typically err on the side of too many accessories or too few? How do you find the perfect balance?


  1. I guess if you had to pair back I would take off the earrings. However, I think it would look great with more accessories too.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. You look great today! I love all the color combinations you've got going on.

  3. I can look at this and see how it would FEEL like too much, but it LOOKS really nice. It's balanced and not overdone and I love the green tights with it.

  4. I love the belted scarf - I need to try that! I actually like everything you've got going on. Black or navy blue tights (can't tell exactly what colour your skirt is) would be safer, but I think the green tights pushes the outfit just a little and makes it more interesting.

  5. I'm all about more is more; never been a minimalist ;-) I like this version of the belted scarf, very nice.

  6. I LOVE this belted scarf look - I don't think any of my scarves are appropriate for it, but I really need to try!

  7. I love the belted scarf look too! I failed misrerably when I did it, so kudos to you! You look fab!

  8. I keep telling myself to try the belted scarf look but I've yet to give it a whirl in public. I need to take a note from your style book. This looks great. - Katy

  9. I think the tights work personally. I would not mind a jacket to really add more layers. However, it is a great look just the way it is.

  10. I am REALLY loving the tights/open-toed shoes, too! So glad you went with the green ribs, they add just the right fall touch :)

  11. I think you hit just the right balance of accessories. Doesn't look overdone at all, and the green tights are perfect!

  12. you totally rock the belted scarf look! and i agree that adding an extra ring or bracelet would've actually added to the outfit instead of making it too much. but i still am in love with this look!

  13. You look great in the belted scarf!! Love it! You look completely pulled together - no extra accessories or taking any away needed - you nailed it!

    I am always wear too few accessories. I need to work on that!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  14. I love this outfit! The belted scarf looks great, and I love that shade of orange. Super fun tights, too!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  15. You look so classy. I don't like every belted scarf that I have seen attempted, but I like the way you did it here. Especially with the color coordinating.

    The Auspicious Life

  16. @ noguiltfashion - that's what I suspected (earrings, that is).

    @ beth ellen - thanks! It was quite colorful.

    @ work with what you've got - thank you! I figured the awkwardness was mostly in my head.

    @ amelia - it's black...I do like black skirts with navy tights, though. :)

    @ trystan - I'm either one extreme or the other.

    @ ashley - I could totally see you with a belted scarf. try it!

    @ kinsey - thanks!

    @ katy - doooo it!

    @ besos lynn - I had on a coat when I was outdoors--a green one. :) A little green overcoat.

    @ monkeyface - yes, I love the cable knit! So cozy.

    @ Christa - thank you!

    @ kileen - yeah, I think more may have added balance.

    @ sarah - I usually lean toward less, too. But then I force myself to put something on.

    @ kristine - Thanks!

    @ linda - Thanks...looks a little Christmas-y, no?

  17. That scarf is wonderful! LOVE IT!

  18. I don't think this is too many accessories as all (and as you know, I'm usually an accessories minimalist!). I love the interest that the scarf adds. Your earrings aren't in-your-face dangly and I don't count tights as an accessory.

    All in all, I like it!

  19. I love the green tights! These are fantastic, and I really like the belted scarf. This is the perfect bold look for the office!

  20. I personally loved this look.
    Not only the colors but also all the attention paid to detail.
    IF I had to remove something, I would remove the belt. Now, that is only IF I HAD TO, but I don't think you do :)

  21. @ jeanna - Thanks! Hmm...interesting thoughts on the tights. I'm not sure whether I consider them more an accessory or another item of clothing.

    @ S - Thanks!

    @ Lorena - True! The belt wasn't really keeping anything in. I didn't think of that.


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