Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Take me to your leader

the new professional sacramento office fashion blog angeline evans business casual gap wide-leg pants swapped merona tweed blazer earrings pin nina pumps
the new professional sacramento office fashion blog angeline evans business casual gap wide-leg pants swapped merona tweed blazer earrings pin nina pumps
the new professional sacramento office fashion blog angeline evans business casual swapped merona tweed blazer earrings pin
the new professional sacramento office fashion blog angeline evans business casual gap wide-leg pants nina pumps

The Rundown:
5 + 19 + 23 + 8
Earrings as pins
Studded belt - 2010 - swapped (similar)

Does anyone else get a bit of a Star Trek vibe from this outfit? I've only got five days left of this challenge (woohoo) and I've been trying to pull out some of my lesser worn items. I've loved the look of belted blazers this fall, but I don't think I quite pulled it off. Something about these shoulder pads. I actually pinned the collar up a little higher because I didn't really like the t-shirt showing through.

What worked:
Nice fall colors. Fun sparkles. (Those are earrings, just stuck through the collar. May not work for thinner fabrics, but on tweed it didn't leave a noticeable mark). My cousin used to make fun of me because I dress like a tree a lot--brown and green. I like it.

What didn't:
Odd shoulder-waist proportions. Next time I think I'll try a sleeker blazer, and maybe pinning the overlapping front (this kept slipping).

Are you into shoulder pads or no?

If you haven't already, hop on over to Smashion and check out my interview.


  1. I love these 2 colors together!! I also love the idea of earrings as pins! Very creative!! I have a couple of heavy stud earrings that I like, but they seem too heavy for my ears..never thought about wearing them as pins. Awesome idea!

  2. Love the Earrings/pins. It may have a Star Trek vibe, but I kilns of like it. Shoulder pads and all.
    No Guilt Fashion

  3. The title of the post cracks me up and I love the jacket. I think you totally pulled off the belted blazer :)


  4. Love this jacket! awesome. whole outfit is so adorable on you. the brooches complete it. :)

  5. I like the jacket. A little bit of shoulder pad (esp. on a smaller lady) gives some oomph, a sense of presence. This look is very proportional. Great colors too.

  6. The jacket is fantastic! I think it could also pair well with skinny pants or a skirt to even out the bulkier fabric and shoulder pads, and give a better waistline.

  7. I'm really digging that jacket! The whole look comes together perfectly.

  8. wow, i never thought about putting earrings as pins into my jacket but i totally love it! i will definitely have to try this sometime.

    and i love the beautiful green color of this blazer. great job!!


  9. I love your outfit! The shoulder pads actually work because it balances out the proportion of your hips and it makes your waist look so small! Uber chic! =)

    Also, I love how you added the earrings as an additional accessory to the lapels...it looks so natural, I thought it was part of the jacket!

  10. I like the jacket a lot, actually! I think you might actually be reacting to the pants--from where I sit they look too big on you.

  11. Love the belted jacket!

  12. I love the earrings as pins idea! I don't have any tweed though :(


  13. @ tiffany - yes! heavy earrings would be great. I only have basic studs so I had to bunch a few together.

    @ noguiltfashion, amelia, L, Sal, meredith - thanks. :)

    @ andie - isn't it great? I actually scoped it out at Target when it was first out, but didn't buy it. But through swapping I have it now anyway!

    @ trystan - I like the shoulder pads in general...I just wasn't sure about them with this look.

    @ andrea - yeah, I think the messy waistline took away from it. I should have pinned it first. I hadn't thought of trying it with skinny pants, though! That's a great idea!

    @ kileen, elaine - earrings really are just like pins, no? I hadn't tried it before this either. I think it may work on other fabrics, too, but you should test it on an inconspicuous spot before you start poking holes :P

    @ stylepint - I never really thought about the waistline, but now that you mention it, it does have a nice shape. :)

    @ christa - these pants are a little large, but that's one of the things I like about them. I guess I'll just have to be more careful about what I pair them with.

    @ basiccravings - thanks! I loved it when you did it, but certainly did not pull it off as nicely as you did.

  14. Christmas preparations have caused me to be seriously behind on my blog reading, so I'm just now getting around to this...

    1) I love green and chocolate brown together. Definitely a favorite color combination.

    2) I'm picky about shoulder pads. A small shoulder pad can add some definition, but I say watch out for huge ones. I have pretty broad shoulders for my size, so I have to be careful about adding any extra width.

    3) I just read your Smashion interview, and I was surprised to see I was mentioned! Thanks, friend!

  15. @ jeanna - glad to have you back!

  16. I Think that SMALL shoulder pads work great. Note SMALL.
    IN your case they work.
    I like the color scheme here and the detail on the jacket with the pins/earrings is very smart. The only thing I am not too sure about are the pants, maybe its the picture but they look kind of big/long maybe higher heels ?

  17. @ Lorena - Yeah, I have relatively small shoulders so the shoulder pads don't get too crazy on me. The pants are pretty large, but that's part of what I like about them.


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