Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wear and wear again: tulip skirt [Greatest Hits 2010]

[Greatest Hits 2010: Each day this week, I will be reposting a popular post from the past. This was first published June 17, 2010. See original post and comments here.]

 know, a lot of bloggers do this, but's a good idea.  Not only am I on a shopping diet, but I have a tiny closet (err...makeshift closet...this apartment came with zero closets!), so I rewear my items a lot.  And I mean, A LOT.  So I thought it'd be fun to see how I've done different things with the same piece multiple times.

First off: my favorite black tulip skirt.  Bought at The Limited on sale for $20 last year, this thing is comfy, flattering, and totally work appropriate.  It went down to $15 soon after, which bummed me out, but cost per wear on this thing is already less than $1.

Tights, tightless.  Booties, gladiators, flats.  Can you tell I love this skirt?  I've got big plans for it in the future, too...with a belt, with some peep-toes, and with a blazer.

How would you style this skirt? I'd love ideas to mix it up even more.


  1. That middle look is my favorite! I'd re-wear that whole outfit. Slightly edgy but still professional. Love it.

  2. Great look on you!!! I would wear it for a girls night out. Get a sequined top and some killer heels!

  3. This is a great idea - I can see how versatile that skirt is and changing up the accessories definitely changes the feel of the outfit.

  4. That bottom look is adorable!

  5. I really like this tulip skirt. Great looks!

  6. @ work with what you've got - thanks!

    @ irresistible icing - great idea! if only I went out ever. :P

    @ curls-and-pearls - Yeah...I like how it's like a pencil skirt, just more interesting!

    @ anna - Thanks!

    @ Corie - thank you!

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