Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing my new boyfriend

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual loft pencil skirt boyfriend cardigan patterned tights aerosoles pumps target tieneck top
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual loft pencil skirt patterned tights aerosoles pumps

The Rundown
Target tie-neck top - 2010 - swapped (similar)
Loft boyfriend cardigan - 2010 - Christmas gift (available)
Loft pencil skirt - 2009 - $13 (similar)
Argyle tights via Kohl's - 2009 - Christmas gift (similar)
Aerosoles pumps - 2007 - $30 (similar)
Outfit total: $43!

My new boyfriend sweater, that is. (Helllooooo...happily married woman here.)  I wore this on January 11, so it was my first wearing in the office since I got this sweater for Christmas. I've gotta say, all my expectations for a boyfriend sweater were fulfilled and then exceeded. I love this thing to death and it's been hard trying to keep myself from not wearing this every day.  Seeing that I had "boyfriend cardigan" on both my blog wish list and Christmas list, my mother-in-law walked herself to the nearest Loft store and asked the gal about this "boyfriend cardigan" thing she'd heard of. Thank you, C (and the Loft lady)!

This outfit is a little librarian-chic...a little tie-neck here, some loafers there. And of course, the cardigan. The pics above are a little wrinkly, the result of 9 hours in an office chair (I've been good about bringing in lunch lately).

What worked
The colors. The proportions.  After months of tucking things into pencil skirts, it was nice to keep things a little loose.

What didn't
The blockiness of brown on bottom, gray on top. Next time I might try this with gray tights to make the look a little more cohesive.

Have you ever had high expectations for an item of clothing? Were your expectations fulfilled or did the reality fall short?


  1. Oh, LOVE! That cardigan really is fabulous on you! And I adore those tights, they're so fun. You look great! What a super sweet mother-in-law to go track one down for you and she did a great job finding just the right one. :)

  2. Really like the tie neck top under the cardi!

    I have SO many pieces in my wardrobe that I thought would work well and they turned out to be duds. The "good on the hanger, not good on me" monster rearing it's ugly head, I guess.

    ~ TCC


  3. I freaken' LOVE this outfit!!
    Please send me those tights. I would like to add them to my collection :)

  4. i love boyfriend cardigans! it's so nice to have something a little looser to add on top of outfits and how nice of your MIL to pick this up for you!! and such cute tights too!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  5. Fab! The tie-neck is such a fun touch in this mix.

  6. I like the brown on the bottom with the greys at the top. Perhaps I'm just a bit off-kilter like that, though! I do think it looks fresh and interesting, and I especially love the tie-neck blouse.
    And, way to go mother in law for hunting down this great sweater!

  7. Love the tie-neck top with the cardigan, and the tights are great, too!

  8. I tried to buy cardigans from that boyfriend series at Loft and they didn't fit my arms right. I'm glad your fit is good.

  9. Oh my goodness Loft was having the craziest after Christmas sale! This outfit is totally cute and such a steal!

  10. I like it! Very nice color on you, and the tights are divine :)

    xoxo Maria

  11. This cardigan IS fantastic on you!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  12. LOVE the tie neck with the boyfriend cardigan! You pull it off great :)

  13. Love the cardigan but beware- they are def addicting!! I started with one on my "to buy" list and now I have at least 4 or 5! I love that they feel cozy without looking frumpy :)

  14. i really like it with the socks!!
    <3 mode.

  15. @ melissa - isn't she sweet? love her.

    @ casual classic - oh, I definitely have a lot of those, too. I often change outfits 3 or 4 times before I leave the house in the morning because of that.

    @ suze - we should do a tights swap! although I'm pretty sure mine would be too short on you. :P

    @ kileen - definitely! I hate have to suck in all afternoon with fitted clothes. :P

    @ sal - thanks! i scouted out this top at Target when it was first out but it was more than I wanted to pay, but I was stoked when I found it at a swap.

    @ vanessa - thanks for affirming my color choices. :) I think I did brown on bottom on purpose, to create a longer leg-line with brown shoes.

    @ brittany - thank you!

    @ colleen - oh bummer. Yeah, the sleeves fit me well--I think I'm fortunate to have a body that's easy to shop for.

    @ wade - I do love Loft sales! heck, I like all sales. I rarely buy anything full price.

    @ maria - thanks, lady!

    @ sarah - thanks! I love it!

    @ virginie's cinema - thanks! I was a bit wary of the two v-necks, but I love that the shirt detail was still visible (not always the case with cardis).

    @ hope - good to know! I did get a few others for Christmas as well, but this is the most basic and versatile.

    @ mode - thanks!

  16. I think I may have just bought your bf at Loft - or at least a very similar one :) I'm excited to wear it but now I feel kinda lame not having incredible tights like yours to style it with. Too much fun!!

  17. dude, I clicked so fast to check out the new boyfriend and was wondering what your husband would think....of your sweater.

  18. @ monkeyface - woohoo! Can't wait to see yours. Get thee to the tights store!

    @ bella - teehee. I think he likes it, so far. But if it comes between us I might have a difficult time.


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