Monday, January 10, 2011

Office Supply of the Month | Staples

Pardon me for skipping the Office Supply of the Month for December. I was all caught up in this remixing challenge (you may have heard of it), and didn't realize I'd forgotten it until it was way too late! But have no fear, I am back on track with this whole posting thing. For this month--staples!

Staples have a long and varied past; metal staples have been found possibly dating as far back as the 6th century BC in Iran, and are thought to have been used to secure stones together in construction. The first known stapler was invented in the 18th century for King Louis XV of France. Following that, several mechanisms for stapling were invented, ones that would insert the staple but not secure it, and others that would secure the staple after it had been inserted.  A handheld stapler that would both insert and clinch a staple was patented by Henry Heyl in 1877.

  • Stapling things to a bulletin board, item by item or to cover the whole thing (like I covered mine with fabric)
  • Staple up a falling hem
  • For crafts: staple chains, sticking in the sides of wax candles (designs)
Fun with staples

Do you have any interesting uses for staples or staplers? Do you prefer traditional, staple-less or electric staplers?


  1. I like traditional staplers. However, to keep it from being boring ours is green :-)


  2. I try to use paper clips whenever possible.
    I have used staples to staple my pant hem.... :)

  3. @ rochelle -- oo green! I don't think I've ever bought myself a stapler. I think I took one from my parent's house when I moved and at work they had supplies there when I got there.

    @ lorena -- I definitely use paper clips a lot, too, but for documents that need to stay together (or multi-page documents), i find that staples are a must when they're in a pile. Paperclips are more likely to get caught on other papers.

  4. I like those new "staple-less" stapelers. The somehow grip the pages together--totally awesome!

  5. i like the staple-less ones too, but i wonder if over time, they hold worse?

  6. @ anonymous - i haven't tried one of those yet! I'm thinking I should, though.

    @ step - Not sure. I think I'll give them a test run and let you know!


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