Thursday, January 27, 2011

Card-again and again and again

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual banana republic factory trousers gap top three dots anthropologie knotted open cardigan enzo angiolini peeptoe pumps american eagle chain necklace
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual gap top three dots anthropologie knotted open cardigan american eagle chain necklace

The Rundown
Cardi via Anthropologie - 2010 - Christmas gift (similar)
Gap top - 2008 - $16 (similar)
BR Factory pants (Ryan fit) - 2009 - $20 (similar)
Enzo Angiolini peep-toes via Nordstrom - 2007 - $70 (similar)
AE chain necklace - 2011 - $4 (similar)

I cannot wait for spring to come back so I can get outdoor photos. I took 50 shots today and ended up with two usable ones. Clocks change again on March 13 here in the US (or at least the states that observe Daylight Savings)--cannot wait for some sun!

What worked
I loved the knot detail and looseness of the cardi.  The sleeves are still fitted so it doesn't look messy, and I kept the top underneath rather fitted as well.

What didn't
Thinking back, I would have preferred this outfit with my black peep-toes.  But I'd planned out this outfit (in my head, I don't have a system) without deciding on a top, and just went with my originally planned shoes (plus, I think my black peep-toes need some maintenance).

How much thought do you put into your outfits? Do you plan ahead, throw on and go, or somewhere in between, like me?


  1. I love the sweet dusty rose color of that cardigan!

    I'm somewhere in between. Sometimes I have outfits planned out for certain occassions, or I'll come up with one the night before, other times I don't pick out what I'm going to wear until I need to get dressed!

  2. I love the cardi! The knot detail is so cute

    I plan all my outfits on Sunday, including trying them on, with shoes & accessories, then showing my husband & step-daughter b/c they usually have some comment or suggestion. Then I hang the outfits together in my closet where I can just grab one out at night & hang it on the doorknob so I don't wake my husband the next morning trying to open my squeaky door. I used to just do it in my head, but imagination to reality doesn't always transition well in my case. I don't plan weekend outfits though.

  3. I try to plan my outfit when I change into pajamas the night before unless I have an event coming up. I love those pants. I have the hardest time finding things that fit me well, but I will have to make a special trip to the outlet stores to see what might be available.

  4. Really cute cardigan! I like the tie detailing of the cardigan! Pretty color too!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  5. Great color on that cardi! I'm a total geek and as long as I have time, I plan ahead. The mornings that I have to throw something on and go tend to be disastrous, delayed, or both ;)

  6. I plan outfits the night before. Mornings are fairly busy for me, so that's one more thing off my list of things to-do when I wake up.

    On weekends or days when I don't have to be in to work, I'm just a throw-on and go kind of gal.

    BTW: congratulations on having one of your posts on Links a ala mode! Super excited for you :)

  7. I really like the detailing on that cardigan too. I'm terrible about planning. Unless I think of something and then feel the need to go set it aside the night before... I'm usually just an emotional dresser in the mornings!

  8. Cool cardi. Anthro does really have some of the most unique sweaters available.

    I wish I was more of a planner, but I am more of a what-do-I-feel-like-wearing-today kind of girl. That's why doing the 30-for-30 challenge was such a challenge!

  9. That is such a cool sweater! I, too, love the knot detail. It's one of those fun and neat surprises that seem so thoughtful and inspired when they are included in an item.
    I'm excited for more daylight, too, but I have to admit the losing an hour of sleep part of the "spring ahead" day always makes me a little cranky!

  10. @ melissa - I go back and forth, too. Special occasions definitely get more thought than day to day wear.

    @ rachel - girl, you are so disciplined!

    @ destrehans daughter - yes, the outlets are my saving grace when it comes to shopping. Luckily out here, they are just as close as the regular mall.

    @ sarah - thanks!

    @ nicole - do you have a process for your planning? on your blog somewhere? curious as to how planning goes.

    @ paperballoonjournal - that's a great idea, especially for Mondays.

    @ pixie in pumps - you and me both, girl. I am always in such a flurry in the mornings.

    @ eek - do they? I don't really shop there myself, but this was a gift.

    @ vanessa - Cool, thanks! True, not looking forward to the one less hour of sleep. :P

  11. I love that peep-toe.
    And yes, can spring please come? I do afternoon pictures and some later light would be much appreciated for this round of the 30 for 30.

    The Auspicious Life

  12. Hi! This is the blogger from Deconstructed Life. I stopped writing at Deconstructed Life and am now writing at I Try Stuff On (So You Don't Have To) at and was hoping you could update my change in your blogroll list. I still have to create my own Blog Link list (in the next week or two) but I will definitely be putting you on it! Thank you!

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  14. i love the knot detail! unless i have something new that i'm dying to wear, i'm usually throw on and go. takes forever to get ready in the mornings. i really should put a little thought into it the night before.

  15. @ linda - seriously! i don't know about where you are, but over here I can see spring on the cusp!

    @ I try stuff on - Yup! Will update that tonight.

    @ oomph - I'm with you--not much of a planner myself. :)


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