Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Long cardigan

I don't know what the first day of spring looked like for you, but here it was gorgeous!  I got to pull out a springy sundress and cowboy boots (perfect for skirts).  It's supposed to stay pretty nice this week...let's hope it lasts until summer gets here.

Saturday was productive--checked out a local handmade crafts fair (etsy vendors everywhere!) and did some vintage/thrifty shopping.  Picked up a cool typewriter key ring, leather feather earrings, gray button earrings, '60s satchel, and a gray stretch and leather belt.

This last item makes me super-excited and inspires my Make Believe Monday.  Well this item and the orange-red belt (worn here and here).  Now that I have some fun belts that cinch nicely around my natural waist (rather than my hips, where my pants normally sit), a long cardigan would really come in handy.  Something along these lines:

I'd pair it with a ruffly blouse, pencil skirt and mary janes or with a sheath dress for the office, or with skinny jeans for the weekend.

How would you style a long cardigan for the office?  Belted or unbelted?


  1. i have a long waist so i tend not to wear tops that are overly long... but i would like to know how to belt a jacket. 1. how loose should the belt be and 2. if it's a boxier jacket in a thicker material, how should you... arrange the jacket fabric? i would keep the front clean and pleat the back, but i'm really unsure how to do this correctly so that it doesn't look too messy from behind.

  2. Good Qs.

    1. I think belts, if you're belting at your waist, should be just snug enough so they don't fall down but not tight enough to make you look like a stuffed sausage (not that you could, Step).

    2. For extra material, I agree--push the bunching to the back. One thin you could try is pinning the extra material into pleats in the back before belting it. That way you get to control the bunching. Or I've also seen folks belt the garment underneath the jacket and leave the jacket still creates a nice line at the waist.

    In fact, the blog academichic just did a weeklong belt tutorial last week and just wrapped up a week on blazers! Totally worth checking out.


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