Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The right stripe

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual ann taylor loft cowl gap sweater old navy pinstripe pants target nude flats banana republic necklace
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual ann taylor loft cowl gap sweater old navy pinstripe pants target nude flats banana republic necklace
 sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual ann taylor loft cowl gap sweater banana republic necklace

The Rundown
Ann Taylor Loft cowl neck top - 2008 - $20 (similar)
Gap outlet sweater - 2008 - $20 (similar)
Old Navy pinstripe pants - 2006 - $20 (similar)
Target nude flats - 2010 - $17 (similar)
Banana Republic Factory Store necklace - 2010 - $10 (similar)

Since yesterday was a holiday, I took the day off. Sorry I didn't give you advance notice (yes, I realize if this was a real job I would be in deep crap for not telling you beforehand I was taking the day off).  But it was a holiday.  I hope you all took a good second to remember the good work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Seeing that I did not go into the office yesterday, here is my outfit from last Thursday.  These are the pants I wear with flats. Yes, the pants. Aside from jeans, these are my only pants that are at the length for flats. Seeing that I don't have a lot of work flats to begin with, I don't know if this deficit really needs to be remedied. I actually used to have these in gray as well, but I grew out of them (width-wise) and gave them to a swap a while back.

What worked
I love a good cowl-neck top. And this sleeveless shell is so versatile. I think that is my favorite part of the outfit.

What didn't
I'm not quite sure what my hair is doing here. It's at that weird stage in growing out where it has a life of it's own. I'm thinking that I need to either a) learn to use my straight iron or b) stick to the ponytail. I'm growing it out until the end of May, so just gotta get through this stage.

Do you have separate sets of pants for flats and for heels? Which do you have more of?


  1. I like the color pallette and subtle details of this outfit...each piece is so versatile.

  2. Ooo, calm cool neutrals today. Like.

    I do have a few pairs of pants that are too long for flats but are flat-length since I'm not much of a heel-wearer. I think this pair you're wearing looks lovely with the pointy-toes!

  3. Love, love those shoes!

    I have more heel length slacks than those optimized for flats - but I've learned the art of the cuff. Works esp well with skinny jeans since sometimes I don't like the way they look stacked. I'll simply cuff them under (not over, looks goofy). With slacks I use double sided sewing tape to keep the cuff in place, voila! no sewing involved!

  4. I love the necklace today. What a pretty knot! Also the cowl coming out of the sweater looks awesome.

  5. simple, classic, and lovely! love the crisp outfit and simple lines.

    i vote for the poufy ponytail. i am fairly anti-flatiron...unless you're using the flatiron to flip out ends either under or out. i think your bangs are a great length for updos. go crazy, experiment! :)

    i also have two length of pants -- those for flats, and those for heels. i only have two heights -- sea level (ballet flats), or skyscraper (stilettos). biiig difference in pant length!

  6. Wow thanks for this idea. I have a shirt with a neckline like that and never thought to wear it under a sweater. I will have to do that SOON.

    Why are you growing your hair out until May?

    I have separate pants for flats and heels. I have WAY MORE pants that go with flats but really half of them are even too short. I wear my pants with heels more. I like heels more. I also lack in flats. I hate most of my flats. I have a hard time finding pants that are long enough for wearing with heels besides order from VS (which I hate because I don't know how the material will be and half the time it's the kind that needs to be ironed)

  7. oh i love this color palette!! its soo calm and cool. beautiful! i would like to copy...must get myself this outfit.

  8. I don't intentionally look for pants based upon whether they can be worn with flats vs. heels, but they do end up being one length or another. Most often I wear them with heels because I'm short so the pants are too long on me otherwise. :)

  9. @ keri - thanks! I do like these items.

    @ monkeyface - I like pointy-toes much more with flats for work. Other toe shapes make me feel squatty.

    @ citizen - thanks!

    @ rachel - I'll have to try cuffing more. Most of my dress pants are at heel-length.

    @ beth ellen - thanks! I love how versatile cowl necks are.

    @ anniemalchang - yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the flatiron, either. It never seems to stay straight, especially because my shoulder is what keeps flipping it out all day.

    @ colleen - I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in May, and I'd like to have the option for an updo. Plus, I'm not sure if I'm going to cut it after that, either. I just don't know.

    @ t - thank you! I like calm. :)

    @ melissa - that's why most of my pants are heel-length--it's just how they come because I'm short! Funny, though, that as I wash them and wear them over and over again, they shrink up to become flat pants over time. so it's like I have both, just not at the same time. :P

  10. @ colleen - I saw that! Looks nice!


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