Friday, January 28, 2011

Links à la Mode | Made her think

This week's Links à la Mode is chock full of thoughtful posts--and I'm so excited that my post on boots and skirts is among them! Check on back to my original post and the roundup of other bloggers rockin' the look.

links a la mode

It's Getting Hot In Here

Edited by Ann of Holier than Now
Though you may be living in a snow globe (sure feels like it here on the East Coast), you're never out in the cold - assuming the snow hasn't knocked out your internet ... This week's links will warm you up with hot topics that, ideally, bring out the best in a thoughtful, vibrant blogging community. Take your gloves off (the wool kind, not the boxing kind) and join the conversation!
P.S. If you'd like your voice heard here in Links a La Mode, take a look at this helpful guide by Grit & Glamour.

Links à la Mode: January 27th

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