Friday, January 21, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 01.21.11

K's post-it motivation above his desk as school. We spent Monday (MLK Jr. Day) doing work in his office, since it's close by and there's an extra desk. Don't be jealous, now.

What a week. It's K's birthday tomorrow, and we're going ice skating and then hosting dinner at our place. K is making his own birthday cake. Go him.

While we cook and clean, I hope you enjoy these links!

Fashion and style
  • Suze follows up her first post on mixing prints with some tips on where to start if you're just building prints into your wardrobe.
  • Check out this J. Crew-inspired DIY over at Krust. I want!
  • Or if you're in the mood for something a little warmer, try this easy DIY mitten from the etsy blog.

Career and office

After hours
  • I love how Benita at Chez Larsson turned her 365 photo project into a book. Wheels are turning for a future project. 
  • Love the Book of Art. These are so cool. I want to start folding pages in random books.
  • Lisa at the Coastal Chicster is holding a giveaway for a moustache mug, just like hers! I highly suggest you enter it, even if you don't want the mug. And if you win, I'll gladly take it off your hands.
What are your weekend plans?


  1. I love the post it note motivation! I think I need that in my office somedays! Hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for the great links as usual!

  2. Hi Angeline! Thanks for stopping by my blog and blogging about the giveaway! love the Post-it photo...I need some of those hanging in my cube...

  3. @ classy career girl - I know, isn't it fun? I particularly like K's bubble letters. teehee.

    @ lisa - no prob! That moustache mug is amazing...hope I win! ;)


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