Thursday, January 13, 2011

Party tights and forgetting

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans business casual the new professional ann taylor top hm cardigan banana republic pencil skirt nine gold pumps target polka dot tights the great american apparel diet
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans business casual the new professional ann taylor top hm cardigan banana republic pencil skirt nine gold pumps target polka dot tights the great american apparel diet
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans business casual the new professional ann taylor top hm cardigan banana republic pencil skirt nine gold pumps target polka dot tights the great american apparel diet
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans business casual the new professional ann taylor top hm cardigan banana republic pencil skirt nine gold pumps target polka dot tights the great american apparel diet

The Rundown
H&M cardigan - 2009 - $30 (similar)
Ann Taylor top - 2010 - $20 (similar)
Banana Republic skirt - 2010 - $70 (similar)
Merona polka dot tights via Target - 2010 - $7 (available)
Nina gold pumps via Ross - 2009 - $16 (similar)
Natural pearl necklace - 2007 - gift (similar)
American Eagle layered necklace - 2011 - $4 (similar)
Premier Designs faux pearl earrings - 2010 - $20 (similar)

OK, so I lied. But I didn't do it on purpose. You see, when I wrote this guest post for Classy Career Girl about a month ago, I actually wrote that I cheated three times.  However, when I went back to add links, I could only find two links. I tried and tried but could not for the life of me remember what my third cheat was. Had I counted the two pieces of my skirt suit? Unlikely. So I changed it to "twice" and linked both cheats I could remember. But the third cheat just would not get out of my mind. Had I just imagined it?

Well, folks, I found it.  It's this top!  I bought it during my business trip to Las Vegas last September because in my post-magazine deadline and post-birthday daze (I was at work until 2 am the night before I left, and I never pack more than a few hours beforehand), I did not bring enough business clothes for the conference.  So I ducked into Caesar's Palace and grabbed this top to wear for Friday's award luncheon. 

So there. My last confession.  I've got a scant 47 days left to this shopping diet, and I'm going to go out with a bang. You're hearing it here first--I'm cutting ALL shopping in February. Except for groceries, that is. But no shoes, accessories, or underwear, either.

What worked
This top and skirt mimics one of my favorite shapes: the sheath dress.  I love the length and high waist of this skirt.  I also tried teasing my hair and poufing up the back a little, and I really like the result.

What didn't
Not really a "didn't work" but, to be honest, I'm not so down with these tights on a regular work day. I added them for fun, because there was a baby shower at work today (and no meetings)!  But something about the sheer black and polka dots just seem too flirty for the workplace. Or my workplace at least. This is the second time I've worn these in the office, but the first full day. I don't think I'll be wearing them to work again (but for play, definitely).

Are there any items you just don't feel comfortable wearing to work even though they're not expressly forbidden by the dress code?


  1. I LOVE this outfit - I could totally see myself wearing something a matter of fact, I might next week. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, there really is no dress code at my work, but I would say that leggings/a tunic are probably a no-no...but I do it anyway.

  2. I love this outfit. So clean and simple. It's amazing! Sometimes I fear I am too adventurous at work with my clothes, but I'm in the office so little, that I guess I sometimes lose track of what is exactly work wear. Plus the majority of my office wears khakis and sneakers as a general rule even though that's not ok according to the dress code. That's what happens when you work in a tiny regional office... no one seems to be accountable to these things. Siiigh. I wouldn't however wear fishnets in the office... I really just as a general rule fee like fishnets have a sexy connotation, but maybe that's just me!

    And you are braver than I! I am trying to cut out online shopping again for awhile because I tend to buy way too much on days when I am snowed in... STAY AWAY FROM THE ETSY, ZAPPOS, AND AMAZON JENNI! =) Good luck with your remaining 47 days!

  3. I don't know where you work or what the dress code rules are but I like the polka dot tights. They're just a little subtle feminine and sexy amidst a professional look. I say own it!

  4. Dressing for the office is such a fine balance. I like the tights, but if you don't feel comfortable wearing them at work that will show. Dressing with confidence is the best way to dress.
    47 days? You can do it! You seem to have plenty of clothes and accessories to make without any trouble.

    The Auspicious Life

  5. I think those tights are lovely - they're subtle & pretty.

    I don't feel comfortable wearing tank tops in the office in summer. Knit strappy tanks, unless they're under a cardigan/jacket. Plenty of women do, but I feel exposed (& then there's office AC...). I'll wear sleeveless blouses, but not tanks. And it has to be a really, really, really hot day for me to not wear any kind of hosiery with a skirt/dress in summer to work! Or the skirt has to be pretty long. Bare legs in the office feels far too casual. Again, lots of women do it in my casual tech company, but not me.

  6. I love, love, love your top! I usually feel uncomfortable whenever I try to mix something from a "weekend outfit" into an "office outfit", mostly because I end up worrying that it's too casual or too flirty or too whatever, so I totally understand how you feel about the tights (although I think they look great). I do think it's important to push the envelope a little in terms of what's considered "office appropriate" - otherwise it would just get too boring! Of course I'm lucky to have a pretty fashion forward boss, so I can get away with all kinds of fun stuff :)

  7. I LOVE your top! The color is gorgeous, and I totally love the entire outfit! I've been on the hunt for a pair of polka dot tights, I think they're so cute!

    We don't have a dress code at work (most people wear jeans and sweatshirts), it's pretty laid back. I'm wearing a short skirt today, and feel really self conscious. I've seen MANY bloggers wear stuff even shorter than this (it barely passes the fingertip rule), so I felt safe, but now I'm just really uncomfortable at work and totally regret my choice!

  8. I always struggle with whether knee-high boots with a skirt is acceptable work attire. Opinion?

  9. I have the same dilema as Beth. I have a lot of skirts that I know would look good with the boots, but I just can't seem to bring myself to wear it to work. I feel as though I'm teetering a line. Any thoughts about that would be greatly appreciated as well ;)

    Love your outfit btw! Such a cute top!

  10. Ya know I wondered what was so gorgeous about this structure and you're right, it's like a sheath! GREAT color, I don't blame you for picking it up :)

  11. I think the polkadot tights are fantastic. If the skirt had been shorter I might say steer clear, but the modest length of the skirt allows you to be just a little sassy with the leg wear.

  12. Great color combo, and I love how you date when you purchased each piece. A really interesting touch!

  13. @ ashley - I could totally see you wearing something like this too! I think we have similar styles.

    @ pixie in pumps - I'm with you on fishnets...they definitely exude some kind of sexy vibe. I wore nude colored fishnets once, but have not touched them since. I don't think I liked it for office wear, though.

    @ keri - my work place wouldn't bat an eye at this outfit (and they didn't), I just think it's me that isn't that comfortable in polka dot tights at work. We're pretty casual (I wear jeans once or twice a week), but I like to dress up for fun.

    @ linda - I certainly do have plenty of clothes and accessories! Even after 10 months of blogging, I can make an entire list of clothes I own that y'all have never seen (and not just casual stuff). This is why I think I lasted the shopping diet so well.

    @ trystan - I'm with you on the tanks. I have accumulated quite the assortment of sleeveless tops that aren't tanks, which I love for summer (although usually with a cardi in the air conditioned office). I'm a bare-legged gal, but I do love tights, too. You should definitely make sure you are comfortable with your outfit, first and foremost.

    @ amelia - I know what you mean about casual and office wear encroaching on each others' space. I mean, cardis are pretty fair game, but other than that, my clothes rarely overlap.

    @ kimmie - Yes! I see a lot of bloggers wearing really short skirts, even those that I'm pretty sure have an office to go to. I don't have a lot of short skirts to begin with (and most of the ones I do have are too short for my liking). Stick to what you're comfortable with!

    @ beth & paperballoonjournal- depends on the workplace, the style of boot, heel height, and how you wear them. In general, the higher the boot shaft, the longer the skirt should be, and make sure your skirt isn't tight (pencil shape is okay, as long as it's not constricting you). I don't recommend skirts more than an inch or so above the knee in general for the office, but if you have a longer skirt (mid-knee or longer), try that with your boots. Flat boots give you a little leeway. Matte finishes are more professional than shiny, but you should definitely take care of the leather (or whatever material it's made out of). Stacked heels also read better in the office than stilettos if you're wearing heels. And tights are a great way to balance it out and really nix that stripper vibe. Hope this helps!

    @ monkeyface - Thanks! I do love the color. I almost picked one up in blue, too, but I figured I shouldn't abuse the cheat. One was necessary, but two would have been really hard to explain. :P

    @ tiffany - thanks! I do agree that it doesn't actually look inappropriate, I think it was just more flirty and cute than I'm comfortable with looking at the office.

    @ orphaned apparel - thanks! I love looking back and seeing how long I've been able to stretch each item and how long my purchases last. My mom is the kind of lady whose closet is filled with clothes from the '70s, so it's also partially to show her (and others, I guess) that I'm not a wasteful shopper.

  14. I just found your blog thru Alterations Needed - I have to admit that I wear a lot of patterned tights to work and I think your polkadot tights are fine - unless you work in a very corporate environment with a business professional dress code. I direct an adv. agency - but still a professional environment, not one of those wear shorts to work types of agencies - but I can still get away with a lot that may not be appropriate in a more corporate setting. I feel like I push the envelope some with knee-high boots and vintage clothing, but I try to follow this rule: If I would be uncomfortable meeting a new client or the company Pres. in this outfit then it's not work appropriate.

    I too was wondering about skirt length & tall boot appropriateness, thanks for the tips!

  15. @ Rachel - Thanks for visiting! I love patterned tights, but most of mine are opaque. Good to know that it's not actually an eyebrow-raising outfit, though!

  16. I love, love this look !
    You look fabulous in it, I specially like the necklaces, the sheath dress silhouette, the colors and the shoes.
    Did I say I really liked this ?

  17. @ lorena - thanks! thanks! and THANKS! :P


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