Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Think warm, be warm

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline huang evans the new professional hm shirt old navy tweed trousers enzo angiolini peeptoe pumps swap forever 21 chain bracelet business casual
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline huang evans the new professional hm shirt business casual
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline huang evans the new professional hm shirt old navy tweed trousers enzo angiolini peeptoe pumps swap forever 21 chain bracelet business casual

The Rundown
H&M shirt - 2010 - swapped (similar)
Gray cami via Costco - 2008 - 2 for $12 (similar)
Old Navy tweed trousers - 2006 - $6 (similar)
Enzo Angiolini peep-toe pumps - 2007 - $70 (similar)
Forever 21 chain bracelet - 2010 - $5 (similar)
Kohl's chain necklace - 2009 - ? (similar)

Happy Monday, folks!  In case you're wondering, it's still winter here in Sacramento. Why, then, did I wear a short sleeve shirt and open-toed shoes to work today? Beats me. I blame it on my second cold of the season (thanks, K) and overall Monday delirium.  Funny thing was, with my space heater on by my toes and hot tea always at hand, I withstood the cold just fine.  Just like people always say to "think cool" in the summer, maybe I should try thinking warm more often. Sure, it's probably all in my mind, but what isn't?

What worked
I grabbed this shirt from a swap last fall, and this is the first time I've worn it. I have no idea why I waited so long, because I love it! The color is great (I've been really into purple lately), the puff sleeves are cute and demure, and the slip-on style with vertical seams gives the illusion of a flat stomach.  OK, so maybe taking pics right after dinner was not the best depiction of that, but just be thankful I waited until after pics to eat dessert, ok? Oh, and guess what was for dessert? Drumsticks. We had them last night, too.

What didn't
Not too weather appropriate (today's high was in the low 50s), but I didn't go outside all day. I probably should have brought a cardigan, but these sleeves do cover the shoulder, so if it were warmer, it would be able to stand on its own easily.

Do you dress for the weather always or do you sometimes scoff in its face?  Any other "think warm" believers like me?


  1. I get cold way too easily to just try thinking warm. I have to layer up! :)

    That shirt is so great on you, perfect cut and such a pretty color!

  2. I like the color pallet...and looks good on you too! If you went outside maybe you could try a 3/4 sleeve sweater to continue balking at the weather but add elbow length knit gloves with a color pop! I'm in Sactown too so I understand.

  3. I actually wore a short flutter sleeve shirt and a skirt with leggings today, but bare feet under heels. The office is usually kept at 70-80 degrees so I'm always warmer at work than at home where I keep it an icy 60. I kept a scarf on to keep my neck warm but generally was fine!

  4. i will have to try "thinking warm" more often. i'm always freezing in the wintertime no matter how many clothes i put on or how many blankets i layer over me!

    i love the long necklace you paired with this outfit. lovely!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  5. I try to dress for the weather but then things go haywire. Today it's in the 40s but the heat is turned up so high in my office its 80 degrees. I wore a sweater and a jacket with a blazer thinking I would just need the sweater or blazer inside and now I am walking around in a sleeveless dress in January. Oh NOLA weather!

  6. That's a great chain necklace :-)

    Living in NorCal, I am a complete weather wimp & in winter, I'm always wearing sweaters, jackets, coats, boots, tights, etc. Sure, I sit inside most of the day, but those 5 second jaunts between house & carpool, car to office, & then between buildings to get lunch or a fancy coffee, wow, I'll freeze!!!

  7. I try to dress for the weather but sometimes right at the changing season, I mess up.

  8. I have to layer up - especially my feet, they always seem to be cold! I put on a pair of peep-toes to wear yesterday and I just couldn't do it - my feet would have been freezing!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  9. HA well you do look fantastic so weather be damned! There are always coats and your toes prolly aren't out in the elements much anyway, right? :)

  10. The "thinking warm" doesn't usually work for me. I would much rather be too hot than cold so I sometimes overdress. You are brave to face 50 degree weather in short sleeves and no sweater!

  11. Ooooufffff the thought of short sleeves and open toed shoes just makes me shiver! NYC got more snow last night... but at least you've got a space heater.

    Cute outfit!

    - Meredith

  12. This sounds nerdy, but I love the trousers! I miss dressing up for work-my grad school experience doesn't leave a lot of need for really wearing anything like that (not teaching this quarter and all that). you look great!

  13. At times I scoff at the weather. Unless I know I have outside supervision, then I wear layers and layers of tights or leggings under pants. But, if I'm just running from building to bus or car to building, then I am a little more daring in my choices.
    Of course, 50 degrees seems like a heat wave right now!
    I've probably said this every time you've worn those pants, but I love them and I want them!

    The Auspicious Life

  14. Thanks, ladies. I did put on a coat between my car and apartment, but I just didn't bring a jacket to wear during the day at my desk.

    @ melissa - isn't the shirt great? I can't believe I found such a great one at a swap in my size!

    @ keri - oo I like the gloves idea. I wear my normal leather ones almost every morning, but elbow length ones sound nice, too. Love your blog!

    @ molly - so jealous of your warm office! it's supposed to be between 70-75 at work, but I have my space heater set to 75 and it's almost always on. I also have a really drafty window.

    @ kileen - try it! but don't blame me if it doesn't work ;)

    @ Destrehan's Daughter - I want an 80 degree office! I think I feel the same as you in the summer--it will be about 95 degrees outside but 65 inside. pisses me off (and is very uncomfortable, the temperature change).

    @ trystan - I'm a Nor Cal-er too. And a wimp. I think I just got annoyed with winter today and wanted to show it.

    @ colleen - I mess up all the time. No explanation needed. :)

    @ sarah - my feet are the main concern, too. But that's where my space heater sits so it works (I have to hide it under my desk because building management actually doesn't allow them).

    @ monkeyface - exactly! you're totally onto my train of thought.

    @ eek - I definitely prefer warm to cold--I rarely turn on my a/c in the summer even though it's regularly in the high 90s/low 100s outside (my apartment is pretty shaded, though, so not a lot of heat gets inside).

    @ meredith - no snow here--I would never have gone out like this when I lived in NYC though! Miss that city.

    @ ashleysheets - Thanks! I love trousers, too. Maybe a little too much.

    @ Linda - I know I shouldn't complain about 50 degrees when there's been blizzards over much of the country lately!


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