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sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual tulip skirt blue plaid tights peep toe pumps jcrew blouse belt
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual tulip skirt blue plaid tights peep toe pumps jcrew blouse belt
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual tulip skirt jcrew blouse belt

The Rundown
J.Crew button-up shirt - 2009 - $20 (available)
The Limited tulip skirt - 2009 - $20 (similar)
J. Crew animal print belt - 2011 - $5 on clearance (similar)
Apt. 9 blue plaid tights via Kohl's - 2009 - Christmas gift (similar)
Nine West peep-toe pumps via Marshalls - 2009 - $25 (similar)

The first time I wore these tights to work, my boss called me a bluestocking.  She couldn't remember what it meant but she knew it wasn't derogatory, so we looked it up.  According to Wikipedia, a bluestocking is an "educated, intellectual woman," and it has had it's share of negative connotation in the past (mostly in connection to female frumpiness).  I'll take that.

What worked
I was a bit worried about the balance between the volume in the skirt and the button-up top. In all my iterations with this skirt, I rarely wear it with a button-up.  Not sure why.  But it turned out fine. I stuck to neutrals with my shirt and jewelry, since the printed tights and belt are already pretty loud.  Plus, don't you just love an outfit that comes in under $100 total? 

What didn't
This is the second time I've worn tights with open-toed shoes. Can someone please tell me how you keep your feet from slipping out and the area around the toes from getting too thin?  I kept walking out of my shoes all day since the tights were so slick, and you can totally see my toenails through the tights.

I got a wireless camera remote from my brother for Christmas and used it both yesterday and today.  I had read that the Nikon K3100 wasn't compatible with a wireless remote and sent my brother to investigate, since he's been dabbling in photography for years and has shot some weddings in the Houston area (email me if you want his info).  He found one. And it works. See?

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual tulip skirt blue plaid tights peep toe pumps jcrew blouse belt

What is your preferred camera equipment? How did you learn (or how are you learning) to master your technique?


  1. I HATE when my tights get see-through around my toes - I always just adjust them like crazy, so if you get any good solutions let me know! The only open-toed shoes I wear tights with are booties so I don't have a problem with them sliding off...maybe try inserts or a bandaid stuck on the inside of your shoe? That always helps me with slippery shoes!

    Also, I really like this outfit - it totally seems like something I would wear to a work event where I have to be a bit more professional - mostly because of the animal print :)

  2. I think that if you get something like Foot Petals or some other little stick-on pad that goes under the ball of your foot, it keeps your toes from sliding forward.

    I just figured out today that I like my pictures better when I make an effort to lean toward the camera instead of leaning back. I just use a point and shoot and have to rest it on top of some object, usually at waist level. My blog is pretty new so I'm still learning!

  3. @ashley & ms. ten inserts don't help as much as you'd think! i put in some foot petals for the balls of my feet but because of my stockings (and i was wearing fishnets!) my heels were still coming out occasionally.

  4. If you have a solution, I WANT TO KNOW. I hate it when that happens!

  5. Your expression in the "proof the remote works" pic is awesome and hilarious. Very "I mean business". As for tights and peep toes, I have no idea. Maybe one of those pads you put up at the front of the foot? I don't recall what they are called...

  6. I love your blue tights! They look great with the peep-toes (even if they were an annoyance all day!)

    Woot for a working remote! I got a D3100 for Christmas and just ordered a remote from Phottix that should work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but seeig that you found one that works gives me hope!

  7. I'd never heard that term. Sounds like a compliment to me!

    And I adore those tights.

  8. The details in this outfit make is amazing! I love how when you look closer you can see how you've made this very professional look your own! Great job!


  9. Oh my gosh, I have been wanting to get a camera remote!! Do you love it? Preferred camera equipment random tip: Use a white foam board to bounce light onto a subject when needed. I bought one at Michaels and have already used it a ton! Helps balance shadows when taking pictures in front of a window.

  10. I really like the volume in the skirt. I think it looks great with the button-down and belt!! No suggestions for the tight-dilemma. I haven't done the open-toe/tight thing yet, but I feel it coming!!

  11. I love that you were able to make patterned tights work for the office. No easy feat! Your boss's compliment gave me a good chortle. I remember coming across the term in junior high and asking my mother for a definition. Jane Eyre was my favorite literary hero when I was younger -- a true bluestocking, I should think!

  12. This is a great look, and being a bluestocking is definitely a compliment in my book!

    To shoot my outfit photos, I use a Canon DSLR mounted on a tripod, with a (non wireless) remote timer. The timer has settings for number of shots, time between, time before the first shot, and a long exposure function. I usually set the timer to shoot a large number of shots, and then pose/mill around while it does its thing.

  13. @ ashley - no solutions here, either. I just slipped my feet out and tugged at the toes under my desk several times to get more fabric down there. Maybe next time I'll try layering a pair of opaque black tights underneath?

    @ ms. ten - good tip! I have spotty lighting in my apartment so I usually lean toward the light. :P

    @ neurp - yeah, I think the foot petals are more for cushioning than traction.

    @ kimmie - on a search! will post when mission is complete.

    @ stella - yes. that is my business face. don't mess. ;)

    @ emma - thanks!

    @ minute obsessions - crossing my fingers that your new remote works!

    @ sal - thanks! My mother-in-law got me the most awesome supply of printed and knit tights two Christmases ago and I'm still working my way through them. I think bluestocking is a pretty nice compliment, too.

    @ rochelle - thank you! it turned out much better than I had imagined it (always a good thing).

    @ ashlee - I totally love it! Now I need to get a better tripod--with my point-and-shoot I just had a small table-top one that isn't tall and probably won't hold the weight of the new camera. I like the foamboard idea--I wonder if it will work for my crappy apartment lighting. Just need a rotatable flash...hmm...

    @ hope - the tight-open toe thing is soooo fun! Keeps the peep-toes super-office appropriate.

    @ jamie - Love it! Yeah, my boss has a master's in victorian literature so that's probably where she read it, too.

    @ S - I still use the timer on my camera with the remote, too, but haven't figured out the multiple shot settings yet. That would make things so much easier.

  14. I love that term. Back in the '90's I played around with a zine called the bluestockings, then found out the Rolling Stones wrote a song about it. Yeah, smart ladies, intellectual pursuits. I'll take that as a compliment anyday.

  15. @ citizen rosebud - Nice! I had no idea the word had been so widely used!

  16. I definitely think the shirt works with that skirt - especially with that skinny belt. Man, I need some skinny belts...
    I've never heard that term before either - but I'd take it as a compliment for sure!
    The Auspicious Life

  17. @ linda - thanks! Skinny belts are definitely fun, although I always struggle with whether I should buy the right size for actually holding up pants or for wearing at the waist.

  18. One of my favorite looks of yours so far! You look effortlessly sleek and sophisticated. Gorgeous.

  19. @ from suns to moons and alessandra - thank you, ladies!


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