Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Believe Monday | Black skinny jeans

It's been a while since I've done a Make Believe Monday. I got a few pieces from my wish list for Christmas (thanks to my wonderful family and friends), and have been busily and happily getting great use out of them. But my shopping diet goes on (for another 37 days), and so will this list. Once I'm back on the shopping track (March 1), I'll be transitioning away from this feature.

But back to the topic at hand. This is more of a Casual Friday item, but I've really been jonesin' for a pair of black skinny jeans. They're just a nice step up from a blue denim on Fridays.

Some tips for wearing skinny jeans at the office:
  • Wash. Darker denim is dressier than lighter denim. A more uniform wash looks more office-appropriate than distressed washes.
  • Fit. Yes, skinny jeans will be more form-fitting than trousers, but watch out for fits that are too tight. I recommend saving jeggings for the weekend (repeat after me: leggings are not pants for office purposes).
Here are some looks I created with black skinny jeans for Casual Friday. Or just sub them in for a skinny trouser in any office look for a put-together casual.

And a roundup of black skinnies for your shopping pleasure.

Are you a fan of black skinnies? How do you style them (for the office or otherwise)?


  1. I have my pair of black skinny jeans in my "6 items or less" wardrobe, so I've been wearing them A LOT. They're so versatile--with a sweater, pumps, and a scarf for work...with a striped tee and red TOMS on the weekend...under a sweater dress with booties for date night. Love 'em--my favs are the BDG high rise cigarettes from Urban Outfitters.

  2. Black skinnies were one of my Black Friday purchases - Old Navy Diva cut. I know, so luxurious, but they were a bargain & I really liked the cut & fit. Not too tight so I do wear them on casual Fridays. We have to wear these relatively ugly, ill-fitting company pull-overs in blue, gray or white if we want to wear jeans, so I do my best to wear a cute belt or well fitting jeans with them. Sometimes I just forego jeans b/c these shirts are really hard to stomach!

    On a side note, one of my staff keeps wearing leggings & tunics (I mean short tunics) to the office. I think it's totally inappropriate & mentioned it to the big boss today b/c it is Review Time. Not only had he not noticed, he didn't know what leggings were & told me to point it out next time she wears them, then he would decide if it's an issue. Its so frustrating to be in management but not get to make HR decisions. I'm in complete agreement with you that they are not a pants substitute!

  3. While I'm a fan of black skinnies, I would never wear them to work. That probably says more about me than it does about my workplace. :)

  4. I like all the options you "pulled" here!
    I agree, though, 100 percent with the assertion that Leggings Are Not Work-Wear! Please! I think the same probably goes for skinny jeans, but it is dependent on styling. With a longer, loose-fitting sweater, perhaps!

  5. Nice choices! I wish that skinny jeans could be an option at my office, but they are just too casual. I think you've done a great job with creating looks that are both professional and casual, though. The blue pumps are adorable!

    - Meredith

  6. @ bibliomomia - Love that you've gotten so much use out of them! Glad to know they're as versatile as I'm hoping.

    @ Rachel - eesh! Leggings in the office? I think a lot of guys at the office are pretty oblivious to clothing.

    @ terri - :) my workplace is a bit more casual, and I don't like my skinnies tight anyway. maybe says more about me, too, that I would wear those on a Friday!

    @ vanessa - I don't think a long sweater is always necessary, but then again, I don't believe skinny jeans have to be tight enough to warrant being covered up. I could see how skinnies may not fit in for most offices, though.

    @ meredith - I agree--it is probably too casual an item for many offices. I think it'd only work in mine on Casual Fridays.

  7. I work in an environment where I'm on my feet all day. What can I wear shoe wise with a fitted slack? My shirt is uniform.


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