Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simpler Times

This weekend got hot.  Like, really hot.  Sacramento has been unseasonably cool all spring and summer, but this weekend summer hit.  Like, really hit.  It was triple digits on Sunday, with Monday projected to be about 104 degrees.

Want to know what's worse than 104 degree weather?  Knowing you'll have to go outside every two hours (down and then back up three flights of stairs) to move your dark car with dark interiors.  The things I'll do for free parking at work.

So I woke up this morning with two goals in mind for my outfit: something with a skirt, and something sleeveless.  And guess what I found?

Dress: Gap Outlet - 2008 - about $12 I think; Necklace: Forever 21 - 2005 - cheap; Shoes: Blake Scott (Off Broadway) - 2010 - $40

Yes, even after four months of not shopping (err, barely shopping), I still have tons of stuff in my closet you've never seen.  Including this dress.  It's one of my favorites, but isn't very forgiving in the arm-holes.  Things I love: the tailored empire waist and ladylike boatneck, which I balanced out with a long necklace.  Red shoes were my splash of color for the day.

Here's a close up of the waistband:
Pardon the pits.

I love shifts and sheath dresses.  I'll admit I've considered (more than once) writing in an exception to my shopping diet just for those items.  Specifically this one item (heck, I want all of Calvin's tailored sheaths...they fit and flatter like nothing else I've ever worn).  Alas, I think even that one allowance would probably be my downfall, and I know Calvin will still be around when this is all over (and in the case he's not, then I think an emergency halt to the diet is in order).

As simple as this outfit is, it is actually pretty formal for my office; were the skirt just an inch or two longer it would be right at home in a formal business office (with a blazer).

I strutted around in this outfit until just after 5 p.m. today when I walked down the stairs (again) and proceeded to fall nearly flat on my face, scraping my elbow along the wall on the way.  Luckily it was in an empty stairwell at the end of the day.  Unluckily, the ankle is still a little tweaked.  I guess it's flats tomorrow!

Do you like or dislike shift/sheath dresses?  What are your favorite details?


  1. I love shift dresses, however I don't feel comfortable wearing anything sleeveless to the office! And Calvin Klein is the best. I like how they are not clingy but still flattering.

  2. I can learn something from you. I need to go on a shopping break!
    With love from Toronto.

  3. Falling down the stairs is exactly why I always take our elevator if I have any sort of heel on! I'm way too clumsy as it is, even with 2 feet FLAT on the ground :P

  4. Very cute! How is it possible that you hadn't worn this on the blog before?? It was also scorching in NYC this week and difficult to put something 90-degree AND AC-friendly. But you did it!


  5. i love sheath dresses! i think i most love the simplicity of them. but unfortunately they usually don't fit me very well. :(

  6. Thanks ladies!

    @ Faith - Is your office very conservative? I know I'm pretty lucky to get to wear sleeveless shirts to the office, but I do notice a lot of women who are either older or in higher positions avoid sleeveless tops.

    @ sevendollarpants - LOVE your blog!!

    @ Sara - I swear it's a recent thing. I nearly slipped off the stairs to my apartment on Sunday walking up in flat sandals! And nearly tripped on a sidewalk crack today.

    @ Meredith - Seriously, right? I've got more where this came from, too (well, not more sheath dresses, but more clothes).

    @ neurp - Hmm...I'm sure we can find one somewhere that will fit you! Maybe try a belt to bring out your tiny waist?


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