Friday, June 18, 2010

Cup o' joe

Whether you are a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinker, a nice reusable mug can come in handy at the office. Not only will you always be prepared when you're thirsty, it is a fun way to express yourself (and good for the environment, too...all those disposable cups add up!).

Recently my favorite mug broke, but lucky for me I had a backup on hand. Some thing to keep in mind when selecting a work mug:

Size: Is it large enough to keep you from having to make frequent trips? Depending on where your water cooler is, this might be something to think about.
Content: Is the mug appropriate for work? Anything with swear words on it is out, same with vulgar gestures or anything too provocative.

I use to have the mug from this gift set (got the whole set at the office white elephant exchange a few years back).  It was large and really screamed me (I LOVE the NY Times crossword, although I no longer do it daily).

Luckily only the handle broke, so I'm going to try reattaching it with superglue and not holding it by the handle so much.

Here are some other mugs I'd consider to replace it.

All this talk about mugs has got me thinking I need one of these, too:

What type of cup do you use at work and what does it say about you?


  1. I got that cup warmer for my dad! He doesn't really use it though...might need to steal it back ;)

    xoxo Maria

  2. @Maria - Does it really work? I'm always skeptical about gadgets like this. If it works I might actually need to get one :)

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