Thursday, June 10, 2010

Third time's a charm

Or not.  This morning was a struggle.  It's gone back to being a little chillier this week (ok, well, just's still in the low 80s).  But I refrained from throwing on my favorite comfy black tulip skirt and tights.

Necklace: Kohl's - 2009 - $?; Sweater: H&M - 2007 - $?; Shirt: Theory - 2010 - hand-me-down; Jeans: Rockabilly (from Renew Denim) - 2010 - $40; Shoes: Blake Scott (from Off Broadway) - 2010 - $40

I reached for the jeans instead.  But at least they weren't black!  I tossed on this shirt, one of those so generously handed down by two of my besties, but it was a petite (you can see where it hits in the middle of my stomach above), so a sweater on top was required.  This tried-and-true combo always makes any outfit look more polished.

I also call this outfit Christmas in July.  My two favorite colors are red and green (third would be white), but I hesitate before wearing them together.  Until today.  Here's a closeup of the shirt to show you what I mean:

Green striped shirt.  Red shoes.  I almost reached for black, but hey, if this isn't the time for trying new things I don't know what is.  So here's to day 3!

You might (or probably not) notice that my shelves are conspicuously bare in these pics...tomorrow's photo will be in my new cubicle.  Unless, of course, the lighting is absolutely horrible, in which case I'll probably be back taking photos in my (empty) old cube (there are no plans for it yet).  I'm sure my former neighbor won't mind.

Today's question is random:  What magazines do you read and why do you like them?  (See this old post for my answers.)


  1. Really cute! I love the shoes with the outfit, and I adore the half-sleeves.

    Pointed toes are awesome on you, I'm loving the necklace, and the jeans fit you super well.


    I think the only thing I would change is the petite shirt line underneath the sweater. Ehn.

    Other than that, perfect!


  2. @CarolAnn - Thanks! I totally agree w/ the shirt line...sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking when I walk out the door in the morning!

  3. christmas in JUNE!! it's not july yet. ;) love the way you worked red heels into the outfit. i love that shade of stripey kelly green. hope the fit is workable! it must be cooler where you are -- it's tank top weather here! :)

  4. Ha, so it is June! My concept of time has been hurting lately. But yeah, it was sort of chillier this week (well, windy, which makes low 80s feel more like low 70s or lower). But I'm a chicken when it comes to weather. :)


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