Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Out of practice

Even though it's only been a few days, I feel like I've completely forgotten how to dress for the office. I took Thursday and Friday off for a long weekend with my girl cousins in Chicago, and most of Monday was taken up by an off-site recording session. I did actually dress up for that, but ended up spilling coffee on myself and changing at home (into jeans) before I headed into the office. Even then, I'm not sure how well the outfit worked--I tried my hand at mixing florals and stripes. A sneak peek at the jumbled mess that was Monday's outfit (the morning after).

Brown blazer: Swapped - 2010 - free; Cardigan: H&M - 2009 - $30;
Floral top: Gottschalks - 2009 - $12; Pants: Old Navy - 2006 - $20

So Tuesday was my first full day back in the office, and I reverted to an old standby: slacks, layered top, and pointy-toed heels.

Top: Banana Republic - 2009 - $20; Layered tank: Costco - 2009 - $12 for 2; Pants: Old Navy - 2008 - $20;
Shoes: Blake Scott (Off Broadway) - 2010 - $40

Pardon the wrinkled pants. Most pants I buy are too long for me but work with heels so no hemming is necessary.  When I bought these a few years ago, the pants were super-long even with heels, so I hemmed them up myself, keeping the extra length folded under, since pants typically start to feel shorter over time due to washing and weight  (keep pulling those waistbands higher...anyone else?).  Unfortunately, I rarely try out the pants before I realize that it's time to let the hem out again, so here are the ugly ironed edges.  I didn't bother with them today since at least the ironed edge is straight, and to be honest I was hoping people would just mistake them for cuffed pants.

This top has been featured on the blog once before, but this time I got a nice shot of the braided detail.  It is one of my favorite things about this shirt, in addition to the breezy fit and office-ready sleeves.

Confession time: On top of this outfit I tossed on a medium-weight jacket.  A new one.  While in Chicago, I got caught in the Windy City without a jacket in low 50s weather.  It's not that I didn't prepare, it's that The Weather Channel said it would be 67 degrees so I wore a hoodie and left my down puffer at my cousin's house an hour away.  So I ducked into H&M quickly and picked up a newbie to keep me warm for the day.  I'm still washing the guilt off me (a few more showers to go), but I was conscious to pick a jacket that would last me in a style that I like, but don't already own.  That way it is actually serving a purpose rather than just adding to the clutter of my closet.  I know, I know...I can justify it all I want in my head but I do admit I cheated (again) on my shopping diet.  Two cheats in two-in-a-half months, but if you compare it to my actual nutrition diet, I'm doing much better at the shopping one!

But back to the bad habits.  Today I'm in jeans again, and I've got jeans in my car for tomorrow's off-site shoot (it's going to be a long night so I over-prepared).  Then it's on to Friday (jeans, no question).  Next week: two days in the office, three days on the road.  I'll still post outfits as often as I can, but just a warning--my schedule and energy level right now is stifling my usual wannabe-snazzy office wear urgings, and we're likely to be in June before that switches back over.

Do you find the transition from travel and vacation back to the office tough?  Do you dress differently for office and off-site workdays and how?


  1. Ahh girl, I feel ya, we all have those "slumps" in our outfits. You look great for being in one though ;) Love the detail on that shirt!

    xoxo Maria

  2. Thanks, Maria. I should have read your post on keeping extra bad-day outfits on hand earlier...I could have used it!

  3. ooh i really like your shirt!

  4. I'm another fan of the shirt detail! I also really like the color of your shoes. It can be hard to find the right brown. Nice look!

  5. Thanks! Actually the shoes are favorite color-as-neutral.:)


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