Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Blackout

So as you may already know, I'm a sucker for a challenge (See exhibits A, B, and C).  So when Sally from Already Pretty, an awesome blog that cheers on women for being women and flaunting it fashion-wise, put out the challenge to stay away from boring black for one week, I jumped at the chance.  While black is only a small portion of my wardrobe (up until a few years ago my only black items were a pair of pants, a tank, and a tee), I do fall into the workaday rut of tossing on a black piece + color/print piece (or sometimes not even that).

I'll be honest...I completely forgot about the challenge while getting dressed this morning, but still managed to stay within the parameters (thank you, black BR pants, for not buttoning this morning).  Here is my first black-less outfit:

Top: Ann Taylor Loft - 2008? - ? (under $20); Tank: Target - 2009 - $7; Pants: Gap Outlet - 2009 - $15;
Shoes: Nina (from Ross) - 2009 - $16

Okay, okay, so I didn't stray to far from black with this dark navy and brown ensemble.  But hey, it's a start, right?  It was super-summery today and I didn't even grab a jacket on my way out the door.  The key thing about this outfit (other than the color) is the proportion...I can't say it enough: wide leg pants should be paired with a fitted top and pointy-toe (or almond-toe) shoes.  It balances and elongates.  I should know...I love wide leg pants. I should have been alive in the '70s.

Check out the other participants for the Summer Black-Out here.

So there you have it.  Do you wear too much black?  How do you mix it up?


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