Friday, June 4, 2010

Close it up

While I love heels as much as the next gal, my tootsies often need a rest.  Closed-toed flats are the perfect reprieve from a week of walking in stilettos, but alas, the selection is so wide and varied that I've only got a few that work for the office.  I still manage to make them work with skirts, dresses, slacks, and jeans, though!

Some things to keep in mind for office-appropriate flats:
  • Embellishments are good, but keep it sophisticated.  Stay away from anything too juvenile (shape or print-wise).
  • I love a good colorful shoe to pizzazz up any outfit.
  • Try your favorite heel shape (round- or pointy-toe) in a flat form.

What are your favorite work flats?


  1. I have the brown pair! Since I'm so tall, I really enjoy flats, but they can actually be hard to find for me. Great selection - I think that black ones would look great with a pair of skinny slacks!


  2. i aboslutely adore flats! they're a few really cute ones at the nordstrom half yearly sale that i wanted over the weekend. i think the thing to be careful of when purchasing them is to be sure to buy soft ones with comfy uppers as well as lowers.

  3. @Meredith - I totally feel you on finding flats that fit just right...I'm really picky about my toe-shape, the texture of the shoe, proportions, etc. I'm just a picky shopper. :) Skinnies and flats are one of my new favorite combos these days!

    @Me - Good tips! There's nothing worse than a pair of uncomfortable flats!


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