Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking a stand

I love the feeling I get when I put on a pair of shoes that I know are fabulous and won't kill my feet (hard order, but I have a few).  Lately my "power shoes" are my Target gladiator platforms.  Today's outfit was planned around those.

Earrings: Vintage - 2010 - $10; Blouse: Banana Republic - 2008 - $20; Layering tank: Old Navy - 2008 - $6; Belt: Vintage - 2010 - $12; Skirt: The Limited - 2009 - $20; Shoes: Target - 2010 - $25; Bag: H&M - 2007 - $45; Sunglasses: Target - 2008 - $17

Yup, it's the tulip skirt again.  This time, belted!  In addition to the shoes, I had to get some blood drawn today, so I went with a sleeveless shirt (had a cardigan on in the morning, though).  Other than that, today's schedule included a phone interview and a refreshing lunch in the park with my friend Ashlee

A note on modesty -- You'll find that I layer shirts a lot.  Part of it is out of habit (I used to layer all the time, regardless of outer layer and season), but most of the time it is out of modesty.  This shirt, although the neckline itself isn't that low, is super-billowy, so even the slightest lean forward would cause it to fluff out.  While it might not always be a bad thing, it most definitely is not work appropriate.  A fitted cami does wonders at covering up your precious parts without adding bulk.

I'm getting a little tired of wearing this same belt, but it's the only thick one I own.  I have the hardest time shopping for belts and could use some help.

Where do you find the best belts (and belt deals)?


  1. I just found your blog from Already Pretty and it is so cool.

    You know who is a shopping guru and petite and could help you find anything is The Reasonably Prudent Law Student, aka Huma Rashid.

    So glad I found this blog. I work in a very casual corporate environment (I know what an oxymoron that is) and my traditional suit wearing brain cells are melting down trying to figure out how to dress to fit in. Corporette was no help at all.

    I am going to go read more of you blog now!

  2. I love that top, it's a great colour on you.
    I'm hosting a designer apparel giveaway at my blog :) Check it out!

  3. That color looks fantastic with your skin tone! I love the outfit overall.

    I have found some really great belts at the Salvation Army store - and they were only two dollars! You're petite enough that you could shop the children's sections of Target and Wal-Mart too (I found some belts in the girls' section that are pretty cute - just had to steer clear of the glittery High School Musical ones!).

    I also get belts at Plato's Closet, not sure if you have one of those near you. I love thrift stores!

  4. @ lorrwill - I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. If you have any questions, I sometimes answer those in posts, too.

    @ flattery - Thanks!

    @ Melissa - I will have to check some more thrift stores out. I really don't get around to shopping much, and it's amazing how expensive belts get when you go to the mall!

  5. Don't you love when your power shoes were also CHEAP as heck?! My fave pair of wedges for the summer were from Payless and they're more comfortable than all my $60+ leather shoes! Also I'm big on layering, too, so much that I feel weird wearing tops without something layered under them, although I started doing it for more modesty reasons. So many tops manage to be almost see through even in dark colors (I'm thinkin of all those celebs who go out in black and then get photographed and you can see their bras, etc!!)

  6. @ Sara - heck yea! I actually loved my pair of payless red flats to death even though their soles were so crappy I fell on my bottom twice in the middle of NYC intersections. I still haven't found a pair that replaces them. :(


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