Monday, June 28, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Denim pencil skirt

So after almost four months of blogging (and not shopping), I've somehow nearly run out of things I want.  This is good because I still have eight months left on my shopping diet, but bad because I'm running out of Make Believe Mondays.  Anyone have any ideas for what else you'd like to see as a weekly feature?

Today's MBM is a slight cheat, I'll have to admit.  I already own a denim pencil skirt.  I bought it at the Ann Taylor on Broadway in Soho when I was in grad school, where I found it on clearance for less than $10.  At the time it was a size too big.  Then I lost weight and it was two sizes too big.  And then I gained the weight back and then some, and it's about the right size now.

But the fit is off.  And fit is everything.  So a denim pencil skirt that fits me well is on my list of things I want.

Denim pencils skirts are a great staple for any closet.  Classic cut + casual fabric = dress it up or dress it down with equal success.

The problem I have with my denim pencil skirt is that the denim is just too heavy.  So heavy, in fact, that while the waistband sits flush to my waist on the inside, the skirt still sticks out about half an inch all around, due to the layers of denim at the waist.  This causes anything I wear over it to lump out around the waist.  If I tuck the shirt in and wear a belt, then the waistband just sticks out even more,  almost like a life-preserver around my waist (so maybe I'm exaggerating, but just a little).  Plus, it is boxy, which does absolutely nothing for my figure, which is already naturally rectangular, and makes my legs look like toothpicks (not in a good way).  I'll continue to wear it (I think), but a replacement is in order.

Here are some denim pencil skirts that actually fit well (on the models, at least).

This one hits just above the knee, which elongates the leg a bit.

I love the way this skirt tapers in closer to the knee, bringing attention to shapely calves (one of my favorite features).  Plus it's got built-in tummy tucking.

This dark rinse dresses it up just a little, and I love the way it's styled here.

Do you have trouble with denim waistbands being too thick?  How do you work around it?


  1. I've always wanted a striped skirt, but never found one that didn't make me look fat.
    (black and white or navy and white!!)

  2. Do you have any more accessories on your wish list? Handbags? Scarves? Earrings?

  3. @missvinylahoy - hmm...are you thinking thick or thin stripes? I could see thicker stripes (as opposed to pinstriped) being really difficult. Although I do love bandage skirts (but I confess I've never tried one on).

    @ lorrwill - All of the above! But nothing really specific in those arenas. I'm sure I'll think of something (or just reuse some of my old wants with different items). Going four months with no shopping and still not even getting close to running out of clothes to wear makes me realize how little I need!


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