Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blackout Day 2

So Step, in the comments from my first blackout post, brings up a good point:
black has gotten the very undeserved reputation of being boring. if you wear yellow every day in every article of clothing, yellow is boring. it's not about the color, it's how you implement it.
True.  I guess the point of avoiding black for a week would really be for the purpose not of eradicating boredom, but one of challenging creativity.  I could see a person who relies too much on khaki in their wardrobe trying a khaki-free week, or even a jeans-free week (eek!). 

Blackout day two was pretty easy.  I started with the skirt and went from there (it doesn't go well with black anyway).

Necklace: gift; Top: The Limited - 2009 - $12?; Belt: vintage - 2009 - $12; Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft - 2008 or 2009 - $13;
Shoes: Target - 2010 - $17

My memory is getting shoddier and shoddier on those details, even though I know I already put them up somewhere. Oh well.  And like the new pose?  I was tired from making late-night cupcakes for our graphic design intern's last day (after more than two years!).  Dark chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream frosting...there was supposed to be whipped coffee-flavored filling inside, too, but my cupcake filling skills are decidedly lacking, so everyone just got a tiny taste (and I have a huge bag of it left in my fridge...what to do, what to do).

Anyhoo, day two down.  I will say (since it is already Wednesday morning), that I did start to struggle on this blackout thing, but am still hanging in there...just a few days left!

It's a reach here, but how do you celebrate/recognize last days at the office, especially for those whose time there has been a positive experience?  Parties, lunch? In our office it varies widely, so just wondering what others do!


  1. What a marvelously sleek, classy ensemble!

  2. Any office I've been in has been all over the place, too. Some people we just do lunch, sometimes we all chip in on a gift, sometimes we straight up have a party, etc! :)

    Love that color of blue on you!

  3. @Sal - Thanks! Great challenge idea!

    @Sara - I guess it depends on the person and the department they were in (I've noticed that a coworker in the same department of their supervisor is usually in charge of whatever happens).

  4. Very cute skirt! I love that it has a belt, and it's unbelievable that it was $13. Also, wearing the pearls was a nice touch!


  5. @Meredith - the belt is actually separate (although the waistline of the skirt is smooth without belt loops so looks nice without a belt, too). It was on sale and then I had a friends & family coupon! Gotta love a good deal (I rarely buy full price).


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