Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a tie!

Well, unless it isn't.  And happily for the USA this morning, it wasn't.  I dallied around getting ready (I even painted my nails...clear) to watch the game, drove extra slow to keep listening to it on the radio, and tuned into the ESPN website when I finally got to work.  I like to think that my dedication to this crucial game was rewarded with the game's only goal in the 91st minute.

Sports talk aside (please, don't get me started), today I felt quite ladylike.  Even before the game was won, I'd had a good pants zipped!  Let's just say there's a reason I've defaulted to skirts and dresses a lot lately (and it has to do with blubber not babies, nosy nosy).  So today, with no muffin top to hide, I searched and searched my closet for a clingy shirt that would hug the smooth(er) silhouette.

Look at what I found!

Top: Ann Taylor Loft - 2005 - $10; Layering tank: Costco - 2009 - 2 for $12; Pants: Banana Republic Factory Store - 2009 - $15; Shoes: Enzo Angiolini - 2007 - $70; Purse: H&M - 2007 - $45; Sunglasses (on purse): Target - 2008 - $17

This top is probably one of the only things in my closet that remains from my college days (yes, I wore tie-necked shells in college).  I stalked this shirt for months until it finally went on clearance (yes, I remember that detail five years later).

You're also getting a glimpse of my trusty everyday purse.  I've spent the past several months avoiding taking photos with my purse since I've used the exact same one basically every single day for the past three years, but this photo was taken on the way back from lunch and I had nowhere good to put it down so I kept it on.  It's one of my favorite's roomy, comfy to carry, secure (every compartment can be zipped up), leather, and a gorgeously rich tannish color (if you have a better name for the color, please do let me know!).

To show off the neck tie detail, I whipped my hair up.  Here is a quick glimpse of one of my favorite hairstyles for the office: the low ponytail with some hair wrapped around the elastic and pinned. 

You can see the print on the shirt better here.

Funny, after blogging this outfit and thinking it through more, I realize nearly everything in this outfit would be a "favorite."  Sure, I have a lot of them (I'm a very picky shopper, and a fast one, too), but hey, if I don't love it, it's probably not worth buying.

You might notice the change of location...this morning also saw a computer mini-disaster (note to self: no more watching streaming soccer games while deleting files from your settings folder), so by the time I calmed down it was too busy around to take pics in my cube.  I've always wanted to try heading outdoors--you can't beat natural lighting for photos--but was always too shy to ask someone for help and I don't have a full-sized tripod.  So my work buddy J, (not so) coincidentally our department photographer, was nice enough to take some photos of me awkwardly posing behind our office building.  In return, I ate half of his lunch.  Thanks, J!

Are you a picky shopper, waiting for just the right piece at just the right price?  Or do you buy what you like and come to love it later? 


  1. I love a shirt with a tie! It’s my favorite preppy detail. I usually wait for a good price on pieces I like but if I really love something I don't mind the occasional splurge.

  2. I sometimes have so much trouble finding things that fit my upper body properly that if something fits well, I buy it! But things like skirts I have to be picky about because I already have 30 or something equally absurd. :P

  3. wow! what a pretty top! and don't you love it when something sticks around forever like that? i have a pencil skirt i've been wearing for 10 years. it's amazingly simple but my favorite.

  4. @brittney - I agree...there are some things I just HAVE to have. My black suit (with both slacks and a skirt so I can switch it up) was a HUGE splurge for me (even on sale)

    @sara - That is a lot of skirts! I feel you on buying things that fit is so important and can be so difficult.

    @jennine - Thanks! I do love my closet standbys. I think being on this shopping diet has confirmed some of my past choices while shedding light on the parts of my wardrobe that are woefully missing--eventually I hope to have a wardrobe that's edited but completely made up of items I love and that last.


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