Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Cubicle: Part 3

So you thought I was done with my cubicle after parts one and two, did you?  Well, guess again.  I've talked about it before, but here I am to unveil my new cubicle.

Some backstory before I do: This is my third cubicle in the nearly three years I've been at my job.  Our organization was just beginning a period of quick growth when I started, so about eight months into my job, they decided to take a big-picture look at the organization of the cubicles and moved things around so that directors got offices and their staff could sit near them (with consideration for future growth, quietness needs, etc.).  Seems pretty no-brainer, but the organization literally started as one man, 10 years ago, and cubicle assignments really weren't a big concern back then.  I've been at my current cubicle, which you saw in the original makeover posts, for about two years.  My new cubicle is just a few down, but is slightly set apart (better for the phone calls I often make for work) and is closer to my boss's office.

Here is the beauty, in all its entirely:

You see that whiteness to the left?  That's the giant window I have.  It looks out onto trees and at the day-care center across the street (the cute little kids come out a few times a day to play in the little playground).  I've got a fewer cabinets, but more wall space, so the white board that me and my coworker share moved into my new place.  Plus I used the leftover fabric from my first bulletin board to cover a second one.

Some details:

My favorite parts are the more open layout (without overhead cabinets on both sides it feels huge in here!) and the large window.

How does your workplace assign work spaces?  Do you have a say in where you sit?


  1. Shortly before I started at my job the group had moved buildings so I guess when they set up the offices they tried to keep groups of people who worked together in the same general location. I got put in a very random office that was kind of a leftover, and then got an office buddy about a month later. It actually worked out perfectly because we work on separate studies but our studies share resources like crazy so we keep each other in the loop about everything. The only thing I hate about where I sit is that the copy machine & mailboxes are right outside our door so it gets loud, between copying jobs & people chatting. We have to keep our door mostly closed just to not constantly be distracted. My boss asked if I wanted him to muscle me a new office but that'd mean someone else would get bumped so I'm not trying to make enemies! lol

  2. @Sara - I feel you about the loudness. Right outside my cube is a small printer, and in the cubicle space next to mine is a large multi-function xerox (it takes up the whole cube). A few feet away is the water cooler. So it does get noisy, but that's what headphones are for :)

  3. I am the front desk person... unfortunately that means no windows, no walls! Ugh!

  4. @Sadie's Momma - Can you decorate in other ways? Of all the spaces in a workplace, the front desk should be the snazziest of all!

  5. I love looking at your cubicle makeovers! I just got my very first "real" job and I'm trying to decide how I want to "decorate!" :) Reading about your company growth, I'm starting to wonder how long I'll have my current cubicle. I'm at a small company that seems to keep expanding, and I'm guessing reorganization will happen at some point!

  6. @ jill - thanks! It's not too bad switching cubes. Luckily, since it's a cubicle, all your decor will be easy to transfer to another one.

  7. I love these tips on decorating your office space! You spend more time at the office than you do at home- might as well make it a home away from home! If you don't have a big window, maybe put up a large picture of an outdoor scene.


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