Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Skinny trousers

Today's make believe is make believe on two fronts: the usual wish list from and the make believing that it's Monday and I'm not actually two days late on this.  Make Believe Wednesday just doesn't have the same ring to it.  But that's beside the fact. I have added a new item to my wish list, one I never thought I'd like in a million years:  skinny work trousers.

Much like the skinny jean, the skinny trouser is versatile and can take you from casual to corporate with a simple shoe swap.  Skinny trousers generally come in ankle length or shorter; those that don't go higher than the widest part of your calf are best for the office (no pedal pushers, please).  A flat front, straight fit pant looks the cleanest for the office, although Cubicle Chic does a great job with some relaxed fit trousers.

While these certainly aren't your traditional work pant, I did find some options online in a variety of prices.

This last pair I really like because of the color and how the sateen can transition for a night out on the town (a great alternative to a dress on freezing winter nights).  I can totally picture myself in the j.crew pair with a pair of classic peep-toes and a feminine ruffled blouse.

Do you rock skinny trousers?  How do you (or would you) style them for the office?

I'm sure you have all checked out Maria's blog, Bachman's Sparrow, but if you haven't, it is your lucky day.  Check out the revealing (and oh so verbose) interview with yours truly in her weekly spotlight.


  1. I wear skinny pants to work, usually under a tunic style top. I love tunics, but they don't look work appropriate (to me) unless you're wearing some nicer skinny pants under them. :)

  2. I like jc's cocktail and cafe capri pants for work in the summer. As I'm short, even the petite length is more ankle skimming than clamdigger on my legs, so with a blazer and oxfords, definitely work-appropriate.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! I just came to check out your post and was like, CC loves trousers too!! ...and then there we were! Thanks again :)

    As the other member of CC (Meredith, not Lindsay), I'm definitely on the search for my own pair. Thanks for the links! I think I like the J. Crew and Victoria's Secret pair the best. VS does a good job for tall people, too.


  4. Thanks for the comments ladies.

    @missvinylahoy I like your skinny pants, especially the red ones you wore recently :)

    @tastymoog I love how that sounds...I can just picture it being crisp, summery, and oh-so-professional.

    @meredith No prob! It's weird--I set my editorial calendar weeks in advance, and somehow related blog posts always pop up elsewhere right around the time I want to post them! Makes it easy to link around to other blogs I like. :) I've never bought from VS before and am a bit wary of online purchases in general, but it might be worth a try (although I don't have that tallness problem :)


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