Monday, June 21, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Cuff bracelet

Back from my week-long vacation...did you miss me?  Our original plans for St. Thomas were completely thrown by the Spirit Airlines strike, but we scrambled and had a great time in South Florida anyway (take that, can't ruin my vacation...completely).

Now I'm fully refreshed and back in action...and today's post made me extremely excited, especially since it's something I can buy without breaking my shopping diet!  So beware--there are a lot of photos, since there were a lot of great finds.  Today's addition to my shopping list: cuff bracelets.

So while I was searching for cuff bracelets, I noticed a lot of overlap between what some manufacturers call "cuff" and others call "bangles."  Cuff bracelets are typically a little larger in width (over 1" wide), are not always a full 360-degree circle, and may be elastic.  Bangles on the other hand can be smaller and are meant to be layered, are always a full circle meant to be slipped over the hand, and are not elastic.  Most of the items here are actually cuffs, but some might fall in the bangle category.  All are completely work appropriate and totally covetable.

This classic white beauty would go well with just about anything.

Black tempers the sparkle for the office.

Subtle details add interest to this cuff without making it distracting.

You didn't think I would abandon studs for this one, did you?  They're perfect for the office in bracelet form.

I love the bright colors in this line (it also comes in red, black, blue, and white), and it comes in different widths for great layering options.

Relief roses add a bit of office-appropriate romance.

And my favorite of the bunch: this silver leaf-inspired cuff makes a statement without being too over-the-top.  It would spice up the most professional outfit or a classic LBD for weekends and nights.

Are you a fan of cuffs or bangles or do you prefer clasp or elastic bracelets?  What are your favorites?


  1. I love cuffs over bangles, but I generally don't wear any bracelets to work because I have to type on the computer so much, and then I get out of the habit of wearing them all together! I often am out on a weeknight/weekend and think "oh dangit I should have put on a bracelet!" haha

  2. I prefer cuff bracelets, they really add alot to an outfit.

    Love the Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet. Lovely!

  3. @ Sara - I'm with you on that! I'm the same with watches...I take them off after work (to avoid getting weird tan lines...I tan too easily), so never even think to put them back on the next day. I don't even have any interesting bracelets for when I want to wear one. :(

    @Sapphire - Isn't it pretty? I've got a penchant for things that are typically round being not round...I really like square rings, too.

  4. I love cuff bracelets, I think they are just big enough to make any outfit look intentional. Usually if I feel bored when I look at an outfit in the mirror I put on a cuff or a stack of bracelets. You mentioned a year without first reaction was "WHAT?!" but of course I followed your links and read your first post about your shopping evolution. Unfortunately I am in the stage of getting a good work wardrobe. But I like the idea of only buying accessories in order to make the most of your current clothes. Good luck!

    If you get a chance check out my blog, thanks!

  5. @Alicia - What a great description - dressing intentionally. I agree, a year without shopping definitely isn't for everyone, but trust me, I find ways to spend my money just fine :)


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