Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cubicle makeover: Part 2

It's been a few weeks since I shared with you the first part of my cubicle makeover.  Part 2 takes place in the nook above my computer.  Here is the before picture to jog your memory:

In this photo, the shelf above my computer is completely empty.  Before that, it was full of photos, cards, etc. (basically everything you see on the larger shelf to the right of the photo).  It was getting way too cluttered and distracting, so I moved all the personal stuff to a different shelf.  But emptiness is also distracting (not to mention boring).  I decided to put that area to use.

Here is the after:

  • "A curious mind knows no limits" (etsy seller kirstypaterson).  I knew I wanted something inspirational but not cheesy, and something typographically set, rather than a painting or drawing.  This fit the bill to a T.
  • Reasons to love type letterpress (etsy seller afavorite).  I love good letterpress, but they are generally pretty steep in price.  These are small and sweet, and tongue in cheek.  The full set has nine, but I only got two: "Bad breaks can be edited" and "It's understood you don't communicate with dingbats."
  • Piano photograph.  This photograph was taken by my college roommate Hannah, an art major, of her younger cousin.  She gave it to me because I used to be a piano performance major in college (well, for the first year or so, anyway).  This photo represents a lot of my past--good friends and fun hobbies.
  • Architectural chairs postcard.  I had this thing in college where I collected postcards and would put them on the wall like little mini-posters.  I've held on to those postcards and started using them to actually write on and send, but kept this one because it is just so graphically appealing.  Since I do some basic design (mainly layouts for documents that are mainly text), it keeps my mind a little open to all the different possibilities for a single item.
  • Personal shelf.  This (plus a few more picture frames) used to be on the shelf above my computer, but now sits behind me.  I've edited the collection down to two photographs, my Dodger Jack-in-the-Box antenna ball, and my NYU sticker.  All of the cards and odds and ends were given to me by coworkers, for Christmas or just for fun.  And my various conference badges hang on the left (I'm sentimental like that).

Finding art for my cubicle was a lot more difficult than I imagined. I wanted something office-appropriate: inspirational but not necessarily faith-based.  Sure, there were a ton of options along the" Reach for the moon; if you fail you'll still be among the stars" and "Keep calm and carry on" veins, but they just didn't strike my fancy (or fit my personality, for that matter).  The one I settled on really fits, especially since I'm known for asking lots of questions (another journalism-school habit that's stuck around).  Etsy was a great resource, since everything there is unique and carries the personality of its maker, but it took me quite a while to sift through it all.  And then framing.  Geez, framing is expensive.  I've taken a liking to a local art shop that does custom framing, and even though I don't ever get custom frames, just getting plain frames and mats really adds up.  But they really do make a big difference.

What types of art do you put up in your office?  Where are your go-to sources for buying art?


On a side note, Monday's outfit was listed on Girls on the Grid's Must Reads of the Day yesterday!


  1. That looks great! This is such a cute series to do, I'm enjoying watching the transformation :)

  2. Thanks, Maria! I can't decide what I should do next...maybe ask for a new chair? :P


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