Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jumping off the page

Confession time...I am addicting to reading magazines.  I've been addicted since I moved out of my parents house to go to college.  Fun fashion-y magazines were frowned up on at our house--I was raised on National Geographic, U.S. News, and Readers Digest.  Once, in high school, I signed up online for a free trial subscription to Seventeen.  I noticed a few months later that they never came and I asked my mom about it.  Her answer: she saw them in the mail and threw them straight in the trash because she didn't like how it looked.  Saved by the Bell wasn't "appropriate" either.

Call it pent-up magazine reading, but in college I subscribed to anywhere from 5-11 magazines at a time, and read each of them cover to cover.  Since then I've honed my selection down to a select few, and still find myself months behind on my reading.  I am not one of those people that flips through a magazine quickly...I pore over each and every page, even some of the ads.  Nowadays my glossies of choice are Vogue, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, and Sports Illustrated.

I'm currently recovering from a weird habit of keeping my magazines for years.  I kept all the magazines I bought or received for all four years of college before I threw any of them out.  I never ripped a page out of any of them unless they had ads on both sides.  Needless to say, it made my yearly moves in and out of dorms and apartments just that much more difficult, lugging around hundreds of magazines.

These days, I read, rip, and recycle, keeping only those pages and article that really strike me.  Since I've started this blog, I've begun seeing outfits that I want to try. Here is my first magazine inspired outfit.
I cannot for the life of me remember which magazine this came out of, but it was an editorial feature.  If you recognize this, please let me know so I can credit the mag.

Necklace: gift; Sweater: H&M - 2007 - $14; Skirt: The Limited - 2009 - $20; Shoes: Target - 2010 - $18

Ok, so it was a pretty loose translation, and to be honest I could have done better by wearing my high-waisted suit skirt.  But I tried it on and it was dreadfully uncomfortable, so on came this comfy tulip-skirt.  I imagine that the model was wearing heels, but I liked the look of the nude flats, and they were super-comfy!  I'd never really considered tucking in a sweater before, but I like the way this turned out.

What magazines do you draw your inspiration from?  How literally do you translate the looks you're inspired by?

[Yes, that is my writing on the magazine photo. Now that I realize how bad my memory is, I've started taking notes right onto the pages I rip out.  Too bad I did this long after the fact, or I would have noted the magazine]


  1. nice outfit! very classy, and thos flats work great with it.

    please, if you like come enter my little giveaway here:

  2. These have nothing to do with the questions you asked :)

    -Maybe you can write on the back of the magazine article?
    -i love tulip skirts!
    -i finally restarted my real simple subscription, i love them!
    -i was reading the 10th anniversary of oprah magazine and they had this really interesting section of "10" where they asked each specialist for 10 facts, or 10 bits of advice. special i.e. fashion, dr. oz, bob greene for fitness, nate burkis for interior design, etc. anyway, the fashion person said to always have a pair of shoes in your skin tone to help lengthen your legs. im sure you've covered that outside of this post but your post reminded me.

  3. btw, random: on oprah today, the cast of twilight was on. i fell in love with the outfit kristen stewart was wearing, or really--her shoes. i loved them. can you please find them. i want them. :)

  4. I cannot seem to find this photo, since the original Faye Dunaway Bonnie and Clyde photos that are so famous - I think its harder to find he inspired photo shoots.

    I cannot believe how close it is to the original!

    I love your take on it - the tulip skirt looks adorable on you! :-)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    @t -- you are hilarious. I'll try to snoop around for Kristen Stewart's shoes...I love a challenge.

    @Bianca -- Thanks for posting the original! I knew it was a take on something classic, but I don't think I've actually seen the original before. Thanks for posting it!

  6. i also thoroughly read my magazines so i've taken to subscribing to mags that don't have too much print: goodbye vanity fair, hello teen vogue! ...did i mention that i'm 27? lol.

  7. btw, i did notice your tons of mags when i helped your rents clean house. if you want, when you get back you can sort thru them and i'll drop them off at the library for you to donate.


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