Monday, April 19, 2010

What's black and white and read all over?

I don't think I'm read all over anywhere (except for me visiting my own blog from various computers within the house), but I accidentally put together an entirely black and white outfit today. If I had caught it before I left the house I probably would have added something (a colorful necklace maybe?), but I didn't realize it until I'd been at the office a while.
Top: Calvin Klein Outlet - 2009 - $30; Pants: Banana Republic Factory Store - 2009 - $12;
Shoes: Nine West (from Marshalls) - 2009 - $25

Forgive me if I look a bit frazzled. I had one heck of a morning. First I overslept my alarm (good thing K had his alarm set for about 15 minutes later). Then I get into the shower only to find that our hot water has gone out again (fourth time in the past week and a half) and have to take a cold shower. The morning eventually redeemed itself when I made it to work on time and found an all-day free parking spot just behind our office building (the last time that happened before 8 a.m. was...well, never!).

Long story short - this outfit was a success mainly in the fact that it happened and I didn't carry the crazy morning into the rest of my day. I put on the pants and needed a top to hide my mini-muffin-top (admit it--you know the feeling), and this silky, billowy number did just that without adding too much volume to my top half. The slight cap sleeves added some modesty for the office, and the square studs along the collar add a bit of a rock-and-roll vibe, which I love.
Studs and ball chains: they do work for the office!

I played up the studs with my fatty black plastic stud-ish looking ring (seen here), and added my black watch for polish.

What do you think? Black and white too boring for you, or do you like a simpler look like this?

p.s. The answer is: a newspaper.  Anyone else remember this joke from a candy wrapper or popsicle stick somewhere?


  1. i'm all about the boring. seriously! however, a plainer color palette does require a little bit of spicing up, whether with accessories or textile details. for instance, your top has studs, extra trim, and some ruching. ie, it's not boring at all!

  2. Good point. It was definitely still a feel-good outfit!


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