Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dress Your Best Week: Long, lean limbs

So today was part two of my participation in Dress Your Best Week.  Check out yesterday's post and the introduction to Dress Your  Best Week on Academichic for what this week is all about.  Yesterday I celebrated my neck/collarbone/jawline area.  Today...well, you'll see.

 Top: Calvin Klein - 2009 - $30; Skirt: The Limited - 2009 - $20; Shoes: Target - 2010 - $25

I don't know what's up with this pose, but I loved my outfit today.  This outfit highlights my calves and arms...two parts of my body that have rarely, if ever, let me down in terms of feeling good about myself.

An up-close look at the gams.

Just got these new shoes last week from Target and still breaking them in.  My shoe supply runs dangerously low in the strappy sandal-heel category, so when I tried on these babies and they fit, I bought them.  This is already the second time I've worn these in less than a week, and I have a feeling it they'll be pretty well-used by the time summer's over.  While these shoes might not make the cut in very conservative offices, it's less taboo than those that show more foot...I call these types of shoes "ventilated peep-toes."

Back to the fashion aspect...this combo is one I've been meaning to try for a while...a billowy blouse tucked into a tulip skirt.  Black and white is always a safe combo, and is a blank canvas for all sorts of fun stuff...studs, straps, pleating.

On a more random note, I also really love my fingernails, so today I polished them simply with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and let them shine through in all their glory.  I have really long nailbeds, so I keep my nails short (I cut them weekly or else they get claw-y).  I usually stick with clear nail polish, or a pale translucent pink.  When I get stressed I pick at my cuticles, so I keep a cuticle oil pen at my desk to keep them hydrated.

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