Friday, April 30, 2010

Executive Summary: Links for your weekend

Happy Friday!  This week has been exhausting, so let's jump right in!
  • I love a good pop of color or detail under a well-cut suit.  WorkChic gives a rundown of pretty business blouses. (Are you still wearing boring button downs under there?)
  • Traveling for work is always tricky.  What do you bring and how do you fit it all in so it's still wearable when you get there?  Corporette has some answers in this post.  I'm so trying that blazer trick next time.
  • Of all the fashion blogs I read, this is my favorite work outfit this week, from Pixie in Pumps.  I love love love print skirts (more on that soon), and she's also rocking nude-ish pumps!  Plus she's just all around adorable.
  • Did you know Cosmo used to have articles other than "[x number] of ways to [x sexy thing] your man"?  I didn't.  Sociological Images showcases the evolution of Cosmopolitan over the years.
  • Martha Stewart has some great ideas, but are they really realistic for us normal peeps?  Maria from Bachman's Sparrow tried out a Martha project this week, and the results were awesome.  Now I need to get me some glass bottles.
  • Near my work, there sometimes this artist who sits and makes pen drawings of the downtown Sacramento building-scape, and his work is displayed in the local yogurt shop.  I just love seeing a city from an artist's unique perspective.  This week, the Storque featured San Francisco artists and their takes on the city...feast your eyes here.
  • I'm a geek at heart, and really enjoyed Inspired Magazine's How Comic Books Can Make You a Better Designer.  I'm not a designer, so this taught me a lot, and is interesting to boot!

Work (and Work#2) are gearing up soon, so apologies if these next few weeks see scarce and brief posts.  This weekend: Work #2 project, family in town, and a baby shower.

What were your favorite articles from the week?  Share them below!


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  2. gah, yeah, i don't even read cosmo or glamour anymore; it's too much sex! and the worst thing is, tons of women's magazines have the headlines "how to please your man in 20 new ways" but how many men's mags have features on "how to please your woman"?

  3. Step--I think you need to write that article :)


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