Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lighten up, it's Tuesday!

For no good reason, I've decided I should title my outfit posts with the day of the week it is.  Trying to gear my brain up for the upcoming headline writing season.  So, my dear readers, you'll have to suffer through the duds so that the magazine at work can get my gems later on.  That's just the way things go (unless you want to pay me to come up with good headlines).

Today was a complete wash--that is the world was awash with gray, the sky with clouds, and the ground with rain.  My ankle has been sort since Sunday evening, most likely the result of weeks in heels and shlepping around the Asparagus Festival on Saturday in unsupportive sandals (yeah, my feet feel old).  So today was a flats day.  And tomorrow will be, too.

Aside from that, I generally tried to keep my spirits up by picking some light and bright (not to be mistaken with Light Bright) colors.
Blazer: Old Navy - 2008 - $40; Blouse: Banana Republic - 2007 - $20; Necklace: gift;
Pants: Old Navy - 2006 - $20; Shoes: Target - 2010 - $18

So after a long residence in my closet, this blazer is finally getting some wear.  I got it with matching pants, so it's technically part of a suit, but why limit it to just that?  These shoes I bought just a few weeks ago, when I was sick and needed some retail therapy (it works, trust me).  So I bought myself a pair of clearance shoes at Target (I know, I'm wild).  I desperately needed some brown/tan flats (all of mine are black, red, or glittery), and these can work in the office and pull together a casual weekend outfit.  *love*

A close-up of the shoes.  I'm typically not a fan of bows, but these aren't overly girly.  Also, you can see here (sort of) that the pants are pinstriped.  They were one of those so great I bought two (I had a pair in gray that I recently retired after wearing them to death).  They were a great buy on a grad student's budget.

Details: Ruffled blazer, ruched blouse, and natural pearls.

Not bad, considering this is the only pair of dress pants I have that I can wear with flats.  And I got called into two impromptu meetings today, so I'm glad I made the extra effort with the blazer.

What adjustments do you make when your normal style gets off track?


  1. This is such a great work outfit! I love all the pieces :) I think it's wonderful you take pictures in your cubicle too lol!

    xoxo Maria

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  3. i'm always amazed that you can remember the prices. you bought those pants four years ago!

  4. Thx, girl! It's partially me being too shy to take pics outside (and not having a tripod) and partially since it does relate to my blog. :)

  5. I know, it's weird. Usually I catch such great deals I just keep them in my mind to brag about later. Funny--I'm starting to get forgetful about the things I bought more recently! Maybe I sustained a head injury that I can't remember, like in 50 First Dates.


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