Monday, April 5, 2010

There's a spring in my step

...that even impending rain cannot stop!  For reals.  Today it was literally the springy color on my toes.  I could not bear to put on closed-toed shoes despite a weather forecast of showers all day long.

So I wore peep-toes.

And the rain never came.

Angeline: 1; rain: 0
Gray sweater: Gap - 2006 - $20?; Cowl-neck shell: Ann Taylor Loft - 2007 - ?; Pants: Old Navy - 2006 - $6 (clearance);
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (from Nordstrom) - 2007 - $70 (sale)

Pardon the crazy hair.  It's starting to grow out a bit, and I think I'm going to let it, but any attempt at infusing some body into my flat hair usually amounts to flyaways.  I took these pics right after I got into the office (before everyone else showed up), so was still a little windblown from walking in from my car.

Click here for a quick peep at my springy toenails (I hid the pic for the toe-phobes, although I gotta admit my toes are pretty adorable).

Although this outfit is plain, I really like it and it's super comfy.  These pants are one of my favorite finds--Old Navy clearance for just $6!  The hem by the heel is starting to fray a bit, so I have some salvaging to do.  Other than that, the trouser fit and the heavy fabric (woven cotton on top and lined underneath) help it fall really nicely from my hip down to the floor.

Keeping it short and sweet for Monday.  Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. i love how you layered your cowlneck, and of course, those springy toenails! how considerate of you to hide the pic from toe-phobes. your toes are adorbs. flaunt it! :)

  2. Thanks for peeping at my toes!

  3. Wow, great pant find! I always have a hard time finding a good fit at Old Navy, but those look great! A nice, basic work out, good job girl :)

    xoxo Maria


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