Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Month-day to The New Professional!

I know it's a small milestone, but it's a milestone nonetheless!  The New Professional has been in the works in my brain for close to a year now, and it has been a labor of love all the way.  When I took the plunge a little over a month ago to finally get the ball rolling on the blog, I would never have guessed that anyone other than my husband and my best friends would read it (and the husband doesn't even read most of it--his work clothes include jeans and flip flops--but that's okay).

A huge thanks to all of you for reading and keeping me going.  Here's to many more months to come!

[This photo is from my little brother's first birthday. Another example of me celebrating a birthday that isn't actually mine as if it's actually mine. I'm pretty sure I also blew out the candle for him, too. I'm helpful like that.]


  1. yay, happy month day to you, indeed! love the pic, reminds me of simpler times. :)

  2. Thx hon! I really appreciate your faithful. Readership, commenting, and overall friendship!


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