Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good parking, good day

It's amazing how much of my mood can be affected by parking situations, both at work and at home (I have to scour around for street parking in both places).  Today I was able to get a non-hour-restricted spot at work during my 2 p.m. move (most blocks around the office are 2 hour parking).  And then when I got home, on this, the busiest day of the week downtown (our Farmer's Markets are famous, or something), I got a spot half a block away without having to circle around (major score--last week it took 30 minutes to find a spot 1.5 blocks away).  Thank goodness, too, because I wore the shoes of death again today.

Yes, that's what I'm calling them.  For now, at least.  They kill me.  My feet were dying by the time I reached my office at 8 a.m. (not a good sign; see my daily walking schedule here).  By noon I had to take them off for part of the walk to my car.  Have not tried my trusty gel inserts in these yet, but definitely picking those up before I wear these shoes again.

But enough about the shoes, the rest of the outfit was to die for (har har).
Dress: Target - 2009 - $17; Shirt: H&M - 2006 - $12; Belt: Vintage - 2010 - $12; Tights: no idea;
Shoes: Jessica Simpson - 2009 - hand-me-down

I felt really girly today, and slim, since the belt hits right at the bottom of my ribcage.  And looking back (sitting here in my jeans and tank), it's much cuter than I remember even from an hour ago.  Funny how our perceptions are so fickle.

I bought this dress last year because it was cheap. I didn't need it. And for a while, I didn't even like it.  It didn't fit very well.  And it was way too long.  But I kept it. I hemmed it (messily--this was before I had a sewing machine). And I belted it.  I guess this dress was my first foray into the belt trend.  It is a bit more A-lined than I would prefer (I think it would be better with more of this shape), but the fabric is nice and heavy so it holds it's shape well and is really easy to take care of (it's even a pull-on zippers or weird hooks or snaps anywhere).

Some deets:

While I usually wear this dress just on its own, this morning the neckline felt super-wide and empty.  So I tossed on a blouse and a necklace.  I like how it turned out.  The pink really balanced out the neutrals in the rest of my outfit (black and gray, how original).

This dress is one of my most modest ones, yet the hem still hits a few inches above the knee (I just noticed that today--I don't wear this dress much).  Is that okay in your workplace, or do you stick to longer skirts just to be safe?


  1. glad you're getting so much use out of the shooties, even if they are killing you... :)

  2. Nice snaps. And lovely neck chain.

  3. So cute, and the shoes look worth it. Hopefully they'll get better with more wear. - I find that uncomfortable shoes either get better or worse with each wear. After a few wears you either know that they need to stay in the wardrobe, or to keep working at them until they get comfortable.


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