Monday, April 26, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Like Jenga, but better

Seeing as last week's Make Believe Monday ultimately led to me cheating on my shopping diet, I'm sticking to safer territory this week with some more wish list shoes.  Now that summer is coming along, I've been dying for a pair of shoes with stacked wooden heels.  These stable goodies are not only easier to walk in (less teetering, more strutting), but they just scream summer to me.  I'm probably going to go with a pair of chunky wooden sandals for the summer, but I've found some great office-appropriate options, too.

For a heel that shares its name with a cartoon character, these are amazingly appropriate for the office, under skirts or pants.

Okay, so I think these are cork, but cork comes from a tree, so it counts.  This is sort of what I'm looking for, but the enclosed back and mostly enclosed upper could push this baby into business casual and definitely casual Friday wear.  Think of it like a ventilated peep-toe.

I love this pair because of its low heel--it would be great for walking to lunch--and the interesting pleat and grommet detail on the front of the peep-toe.

This wing-tip inspired pump is perfect for the office and the thick heel offers some nice support.  Bass shoes are pretty comfortable (one of my first pairs of heels in high school was from Bass).

Often wooden heeled shoes will have a brown upper; for black uppers, especially pumps, the wood is often painted (I think) black.  But I love the effect of the natural wood look against the stark black, which is commonly only seen in sandals.  These were the only pair of decent-looking black on wood pumps. If you find an affordable pair, let me know (please!).

Do you have any stacked wooden heels and what do you like or dislike about them?  Would you wear them to the office?  How do you feel about the black on wood look?

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