Monday, May 3, 2010

Make Believe Monday | The printed pencil skirt

I've been digging this look for a while, but since I'm on a shopping diet, haven't jumped on the wagon yet.  But after seeing Jenni from Pixie in Pumps in her awesome red rose skirt last week, the printed pencil skirt is back at the top of my list of great pieces for the office.

As you may have noticed, I'm a pretty big fan of pencil skirts for the office. I have a beige/khaki one and a black one (actually, two black ones if you count the one that I bought to go with my suit, but haven't cut the tags off yet).  Amazingly, although I have a lot of prints throughout my closet, I have but a single print skirt, and it's a summery A-line.

The graphic pencil skirt is a fun way to infuse personality into a professional outfit.  The classic pencil shape neutralizes girly prints (such as florals), giving you a feminine edge without the saccharine sweetness of an A-line or flared skirt.

With its muted colors and simple, zen-inspiring print, I could definitely see something like this in a corporate office:

In addition to florals, this one has interesting mesh tiered detail.

Graphic prints are great, too, like this one from Target:

Since I've still got 10 months left on this shopping diet, I'm hoping to figure out some sort of a hack to get the print pencil skirt effect from a graphic dress (of which I have plenty, although I'm not sure if they're the right shape).  Or maybe I'll hit a jackpot at the next swap.

Do you like graphic prints for the office?  On top, on bottom, or both?


  1. hm, i must admit i think this reminds me too much of the 80s, a fashion era that repels me, so i don't think ill be embracing this anytime soon. but hey, i used to think that of skinny jeans until i realized how handy they were for wearing boots!

  2. I guess I never noticed that link (when I think '80s I think MC hammer, leggings and huge t-shirts). I was the same way about skinny jeans until I got some! But fashion is fickle and we should be allowed to change our minds whenever we want for whatever reason we want (or no reason at all).


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