Friday, April 9, 2010 they still make those?

The potato chip, that is.  They used to be one of my favorites (original flavor please).  But I haven't really bought chips or even ventured down the potato chip aisle in quite a while. Hmm...

As you might be able to tell by my affinity for pants and solids, I'm not exactly a girly girl.  There are only a handful of floral or pink items in my closet (yes, floral and pink put together equal maybe less than 10 pieces), not that those are the only girly things or that florals and pinks are automatically girly.  It's not that I don't enjoy being a girl (I much prefer it to what I imagine being a guy is like), it just isn't really my style.  Until now.

Enter the ruffle.  Flirty and curvy, the ruffle is unapologetically feminine.  It has also proven to be pretty versatile, and has made its way into my wardrobe in more ways than one.  You may remember my ruffled blouse from last week (also seen in my suit post, along with a yellow shirt with smaller ruffles).  My shirt from earlier this week had ruffled sleeves and detailing.  I've also got a pair of these.

In addition to a great shirt for layering, ruffles can liven up a types of workwear for your office.  Some of my picks:

 Clockwise from top left: Central Park West Griffin Plaid Ruffle Shirt, Forever 21 Beaded Grosgrain Ribbon necklace, Modcloth Desmond Blazer, Urban Outfitters Metallic Ruffled Wallet, Madden Girl Raazle pumps

The key to ruffles in the office is to keep them concentrated in a small area, tidy and neat, and in basic colors and prints.  This is one trend that can go horribly wrong (I haven't found a ruffled satchel or shoulder bag that hasn't looked completely crazy to me yet, which is why I chose the wallet), so tread with care (in your ruffled pumps).

How do you wear your ruffles?  Do you bring them to the office with you?

p.s. If you're crafty, check out Happy Together's tutorial on making your own ruffled necklace.  I smell a weekend project coming on!

p.p.s. They do still make Ruffles.


  1. i'm even more afraid than you of feminine dressing, but i have a soft spot for ruffles too. thing to note about ruffles around the bust area is that they can make you look fuller, which is great if you're small chested, but could be overkill if you're busty in the first place. ...i love my ruffled bikini top!

  2. Hi Angeline,
    Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! We appreciate the support!

    Aire @ModCloth

  3. Good call. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to them, too :)

  4. You're welcome! So sad I didn't discover yor site until after I started my shopping diet. Think this gem of a blazer will still be around next March when I can shop again? ;)


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