Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunny Monday

For the past several weeks, the Sacramento weather has followed a bit of a curious pattern: super-sunny and hot Saturday and Sunday, followed by a 20 degree drop, clouds, and rain Monday through Wednesday.  Today we got the tail end of weekend weather (although it's after 6 p.m. now an the clouds are already rolling in for this week's showers).  So I took full advantage of the sunny day for legging-less legs and a sleeveless blouse.

Jacket: Gottschalks - 2009 - $12; Ruffled blouse: Gottschalks - 2009 - $12; Skirt: MNG by Mango - 2007 - $15;
Belt: Borrowed from husband; Shoes: Nine West (from Ross) - 2009 - $25; Watch: Anne Klein - 2008 - $50

This skirt doesn't have a matching blazer, and this outfit doesn't call for one.  The cropped blazer adds a springy feel, as do the floral ruffles.  Can you tell this is one of my favorite shirts?  It's been on my blog a ton of times, but this is the first time I've worn the blouse buttoned all the way up.  I think I like it, and it balances out the bare arms and bare legs.

Another view:

Fun fun!

How was your Monday?

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  1. so this is what you do at work... lovely.

  2. Just the photos. I do all the writing at home at night.


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