Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scheduling Snafus


Haven't been posting as often as before because, well, I simply can't figure out how to schedule the blogging thing! I started out writing each night and scheduling it to post the morning after, but that got confusing, writing in past/present tense and always a day behind on my outfits. So this week I started trying to post the night that I write. But this week wasn't outfit-post heavy so, I'll admit it, I got lazy.

And now I'm posting on a Saturday morning from my phone while I'm in bed. What a mess! I'll be back to a schedule after this weekend. But...

If you blog (or have a regular self-scheduled anything) how do you keep youself on schedule? How often and when do you work it in?

p.s. like my 4 to-do lists? There is not a single repeat item either!


  1. You are not facing a new struggle! Every single writer/blogger faces this very same dillema. What do I write about, when do I write it, when do I post it...HOW TO STAY RELEVANT!

    While it is necessary to post often, if you dont have something to say of importance to you readers, dont post for the sake of filling screen space.

    What works best for me, is to pick the exact days each week I will post. For you, that may be M/W/F or T/Th/Sun. This will give consistency for those that follow you and allow you to know exactly when you need to post. I then pick a particular day/time that is the same each week and I do all my writing for the next 3 upcoming posts. I have a folder that I keep on my desk and file away my inspirations (magazine articles, photos, links to interesting blogs/stories, etc) and then it is ready for me when its time to write.

    In your case, this will prove very beneficial as you will be way ahead of the game each week, laying out your outfits ahead of will get through those others to-do lists in no time!

    Good Luck! And remember, find what works for you and make sure you are enjoying the creative process...ALWAYS!

    Dream Big.

  2. Thanks Megz! Good to know it's not just me :) I have more than enough to say...I've got pages and pages of post ideas, not to mention daily outfit pics (which I don't always post). I recently started keeping an editorial calendar, usually a few weeks out, to schedule which days will be which posts. But sitting and writing them in advance is a great idea for the non-daily outfit ones! Will give that a try. Thx hon!


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