Friday, April 30, 2010

Freakin' A, it's Friday

Somehow I end up in the same place every Friday, and that place is Incredulous Island. I take weekends off from the blog, and just realized that I've never posted a Friday outfit before. This is my first job where I've had casual Friday. I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning but 2.5 years in, I think I have some idea. Here are a few of the Friday outfits I haven't posted, just for fun.
Shirt: Swapped - 2010; Necklaces: DIY and old rings on a random chain; Jeans: Old Navy - 2010 - $12; Shoes: Nina (from Ross) - 2009 - $16

Blazer: Gap - 2006 - $40; Shirt: Gottschalks - 2009 - $12; Jeans: I Generation (from Renew Denim) - 2009 - $30; Shoes: Calvin Klein (from Off Broadway Shoes) - 2007 - $70

Cardigan: Ross - 2009 - $12; Necklacec: DIY gray seed beads on stretch magic thread; Black tank: Old Navy - gift; Gray tank: Target - 2009 - $8; Jeans: Rockabilly (from Renew Denim) - 2010 - $40; Shoes: Blake Scott (from DSW) - 2010 - $40

Ok, so that last outfit was actually worn on a Thursday, but would probably fly for a casual Friday in a more professional office than mine.  As you might be able to tell, I love the bootcut/trouser jeans and pointy-toed heel combo...comfy and chic.  I get my jeans mostly from Old Navy, but do have a few more "designer" pairs (so the store says) from a denim boutique that specializes in providing designer duds for $99 and under (think like a TJ Maxx -- buying designer overstock -- but just jeans, and an adorable boutique environment).  I'm talking Paige, Sevens, Rock & Republics, J Brand, etc.  Those are mainly the $79-$99 ones, so I stick to the sample side, which is how I snagged the I Generation and Rockabilly jeans.  If you are anywhere near Davis, California, and like denim, I'd encourage you to check them out (for what it's worth, I am not affiliated with the store in any way, just a very happy repeat customer).  I have a few other pairs from them, too, since they are actually on my block.  Shopping diets suck when you walk past your favorite store on the way to your car every morning.

What do you wear on casual Fridays?  Are you a designer denim fan or will any ol' jean do?


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  2. I so wish that my office had a casual Friday. Ahhhhh wearing jeans to work sounds like a dream. Your casual Friday outfits look great, and I think that I like the blazer and ruffled shirt the best.

    Love the blog!


  3. the latest consumer reports included a little thing on $20 - $240 jeans and surprisingly, price doesn't seem to matter when it comes to construction or shrinkage. i'm a big fan of gap's long and lean jeans; i've received lots of compliments!

  4. Oh, and it's amazing what other people think they can get away with when there's a casual of the other offices in our building has people come in workout clothes (sneakers and sweats)! I'd rather err on more professional than casual anyday. :)

  5. Thanks, Meredith! I hear ya on the casual Fridays...once you get used to them it's hard to go back. They're still pretty dressy to me, though (compared to what I wear when I'm not at work), although I guess some people really dress this way when they're off work.

  6. So true. I'd say the biggest variable is finding a good fit, but that is so different for each person and obviously isn't associated with price. Especially since I need jeans for every occasion and length (high heel, medium-height heel, and flats), finding jeans at a great price is's not like an LBD where you only need a few good ones!


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