Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The rain won today

For those keeping score, it's Angeline: 1, rain: 1.

Not quite sure if this is normal, but I usually gravitate towards skirts when it rains.  There's just something about wet pant legs that really ticks me off, so I avoid it completely.  Last time, if you recall, there was a chance of rain, which I challenged by wearing pants and peep-toes (sunny skies all day).  This morning, it was clear as soon as I awoke that I would not be so fortunate again--it was pouring. And cold. Good thing I got a nice stash of tights in various textures, colors, and patterns from my in-laws for Christmas.
Dress: Calvin Klein (from Nordstrom) - 2009 - $90; Belt: Taken off the suit I swapped; Tights: gift; Shoes; Steve Madden - 2006 - $20; Necklace: gift; Watch: Ann Klein - 2008 - $50

This was definitely one of those throw on and go outfits.  While my morning wasn't as hectic as yesterday's, today's easy get-up gave me time to sit and eat breakfast while watching the weather on TV.  Good times.  These shoes are one of my fave for rainy days because they're cheap patent leather--polished looking and relatively weatherproof.

The dress was a huge splurge for me when I bought it at Nordstrom's half-yearly sale.  I love the sleeves and the length--this is actually a knee-length skirt (most of mine are slightly above).  Knee-length does come with its challenges (there was a pretty hilarious getting-into-an-SUV episode at lunch), but other than that it didn't bother me at all.  The highlight of this dress is its tailoring.  It's hard to tell, but the front of the dress is one panel down the middle, and the sides are darted into the center panel seam at thte bust, the waist, and the hips.  It comes together to create really nice curves without adding bulk to your middle.  The belt was my last-minute add on--it came off the suit I swapped (what they don't know they can't miss, right?).  The patent belt played off the patent leather of the shoes.

The fun part of my outfit today: mixing a dark gray pinstriped dress with brown tights and black shoes and accessories.

Yes, I was too lazy to turn this right side up.

So not only did the weather win today in actually raining, it somehow kept me in pretty blah colors.  In fact this whole week so far has been kind of blah.  I'm guessing tomorrow will be another blah day (have a presentation at work so will be suiting it up), but hopefully Thursday and Friday hold some fun and colors.

How do you adjust for the weather, both consciously and unconsciously (like my color choices)?  Are you a rain or sun person?


On a side note: I confessed my shopping diet cheat today on the Great American Apparel Diet blog.  Read my post here.


  1. i like this outfit; it's very prim. if you had added a bright cardi or a brooch you would've looked like michelle obama!

  2. You look like a doll, a flawless doll.

  3. oo good idea. It might be just me, but cardigans are one of the hardest to fit items for me to buy. But a brooch would have been awesome! Love me some M.O.


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