Monday, April 12, 2010

Can't shake the winter blues

So winter reared its ugly head again today (the rainy, cold, cloudy, windy one). And it was back to winter wear for me.

Am I the only one that plans her outfits according to her shoes, and her shoes according to the weather?  I don't walk around that often while I'm working, but do get out to move my car every two hours (the woes of downtown parking)--that's down 3 flights of stairs, usually 2 blocks to my car, repark, 2 blocks back to the office, 3 more flights of stairs up.  Three times a day. Weather-appropriate footwear is pretty essential.
Cowl scarf: DIY, Cardigan: H&M - 2009 - $30; Shirt: Banana Republic - 2009 - $20; Belt: Gap - 2010 - $10;
Skirt: Old Navy - 2007? - less than $10; Boots: Nine West Outlet - 2009 - $50

If you haven't guessed by now, these are my rainy-day work boots because a) they're tall and protect my legs and feet from getting wet, b) they've got a manmade upper, so no leather to ruin, c) they go well with skirts (there's few things that feel worse than rain-soaked pant legs...ugh), and d) they're comfortable to walk in all day long.

Not sure if you're supposed to do this, but I often keep my scarves on throughout the day.  Even with this big chunky thing.  I saw some like it on etsy, most for $30+, and decided to pull out the ol' crochet needles.  Super easy craft project, but I'm sure the ones on etsy are better made.  But this works and it's pretty warm.

Today ended up being a day where I did run around the office quite a bit, so off came the cardigan.

It's hard to tell in these pics but the green shirt (looks blue, doesn't it?  It's not.  It's green.) has some cool braid-details along the neckline, shoulder hem, and armholes.  Didn't take any pics of them today, but this shirt will see lots of summer action, so you're bound to see it again.

Can you tell this is my new fave belt?  It was a last-minute add on this morning, and I think it really pulls the look together.  The skirt's waistline is sort of meh--plain grosgrain--so this helped cover it up a little bit.  I love how the green and red-orange contrast with each other, too.

What's your last-minute go-to item?


  1. My last minute item is usually a necklace. I can see why that might not work for you (see photos above for anybody wondering).
    Your belt does work though - like that little burst of colour.

    And I have bought shoes and then bought clothes to go with the shoes - but that was when I had money.

  2. So that's your secret to staying so thin- you run up and down stairs all day long! : )

  3. Thanks! And I feel you on shoes being the center of a buying spree...I didn't end up buying either of the shoes in my last post. Don't want to open that can of worms.

  4. you're so good with accessories, and you're always wearing something extra to spice up your outfit. seeing you so put together everyday makes me feel like i should do a last second review before heading out the door. maybe i'll finally start wearing my accessories rather than just letting collect dust. :)

  5. You totally should! You have a lot of good stuff.


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