Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where to Wear | Casual work outing

Summertime is perfect for picnics; our organization has one every year at the park down the street.  It's held on a Friday, so that we can dress more casually, and there are often activities that involve physical movement (a few years back we had an Olympics, the same week that The Office did. The year before I started, it was Survivor-themed, just like The Office.  Both times the picnic happened right before the TV show).  The Casual Friday dress code is even more relaxed for that one day of the year, with shorts, sandals, and tees on the acceptable list.

But what if the dress code isn't relaxed at all for a social outing? What if it's not on a Casual Friday?  Even when allowed, you should be aware that casual for the office does not mean random weekend wear. Steer clear of torn jeans, skimpy tanks, and rubber flip flops.

For our office picnic this year I wore a ruffled plaid short-sleeve button-up, cuffed skinny jeans, and my flat black sandals.  It was perfect for the barbecue and sitting at a picnic table (and I helped set up...helloooo social committee).

There is still a good month's worth of summer left, so here are some ideas on what to wear for more casual work outings.

I love this look so much I'd wear it anyday, not just for work.

I featured this striped dress last month, and I still love it (have I mentioned it's only $13?).  Here are two ways to style it: tough and girly.
Where to Wear | Casual Office Outing 2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Where to Wear | Casual Office Outing 2 by thenewprofessional featuring GAP dresses

Does your office have an annual picnic or other casual outing? What's the dress code like for that occasion?


  1. You put together such darling outfits :) Love the first set especially!

  2. We also had a work picnic on a Friday and it was more casual than normal, but I still wasn't going to wear weekend-type stuff! I wore a comfortable top I always wear to work, and paired it with some bermuda shorts from LOFT that were comfy but still professional looking. I think some people definitely take it too far with the allowance to be casual!

  3. @ Jen - Thanks! That one is my fave, too. I wish I could buy it all right now :)

    @ Sara - That sounds nice! I agree some people are just TOO casual. The organization my profit supports is a great example...often their employees wear workout stuff (sweats, sneakers, tanks) to work! Or some women wear skirt suits with socks and sneakers. A few people over there dress well, but the slackers stand out more.

  4. i have grey boots very similar to those and have gotten numerous compliments on them, esp at the store from other customers when i contemplated buying them. :P

  5. @ t - cool! I'm really jonesin' for some new boots soon!

  6. love the tough look! too bad they're out of my size in that dress. darn it!

  7. @ linda rose - Darn! It was such a good price though, i'm sure people just snatched it up!


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