Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Rundown:
J.Crew outlet top - 2009 - $20 (similar)
MNG by Mango skirt - 2007 - $14 (similar)
Nina shoes from Ross - 2009 - $16 (available here; another low-heel pointy-toe, tannish pump here)
Vintage belt - 2010 - $12 (similar)

What worked:
This is a pretty classic work outfit. This top is the striped shirt I lamented not including in my 30, but now that I'm done, and the weather is blissfully in the 80s, it is back out in full force. Even though it's long-sleeved, I really like the sleeves better rolled up. I don't know what it is about button-up shirts that makes me want to roll the sleeves up. It just looks so crisp that way.  I questioned the brown belt with black skirt

What didn't:
I think this outfit would have worked better with some classic black pumps, my red pumps, or my black peep-toes.  While I love these heels (and they're comfortable as all get-out), I feel like they're competing with the belt.  Next time I'd also add a chunky silver watch (the battery in mine has been dead for about 2 years now...yes, I procrastinate).

I had a crazy-anxious moment today after work. First off, my late-afternoon meeting ran over a good hour and a half (photo contest judging cannot be rushed; luckily we were all having fun), so I didn't get home until almost 7, which is prime dinner hour in my downtown neighborhood. I circled around until I found a spot and started parallel parking.  Now, mind you, I parallel park probably 4 times a day (both at work and at home), so am generally pretty good at it (read: I can get in between two cars, while hitting the curb only 50% of the time).  Today, no such luck. I hear a light crunch as I bump the car behind me. Right in front of a restaurant with outside seating. I feel my heart jump into my throat and my heart start racing. I peek at the car and see no visible damage, but the people at the tables are staring. I do the walk of shame back to my apartment, freak out for a little, write a note, grab a camera, and head back out.

The note said: "Bumped your license plate while backing my car in -- sorry! I took a pic of the area, but if you want to exchange insurance info, please give me a call. Again, so sorry!" with my name and home phone number.  I snap a few discrete shots of my bumper and their license area (just in case they did call), tuck the note under the windshield wiper, and hurry back to my apartment. Honestly, the guilt of the people watching was a huge motivator, especially because there was really no mark at all.  But hey, sometimes you just need that little push, right?

Have you ever done a bump and run? I'm not talking serious damage here, but maybe just for your conscience?


  1. Not less than 2 weeks ago a guy pulled in and hit (like pushed against it) my car.. like my car had no movement if you pushed it with your knee. I took a pic but figured no damage and I left. mind you the guy didn't even back his car back up. Like he was oblivious that a car stopped him and not his brake pedal. Well I get to the next store and his license plate made 2 big scratches on my car.

    I parallel park 3 times a year if that so when I do, I get a big spot. I haven't accidentally bumped someone. My car has been bumped because I've come out to very very minor damage.

    In March I saw a car hit another car while parking. I think the only "damage" was that the side mirror pivoted...and now a days the mirrors move and it doesn't break anything, but still.

  2. ugh, reminds me of my street parking years in Chicago. There it's called the "Chicago Love Tap" as you gently bump the cars you are parallel parking in between. I'm glad no damage was done and commend you for your note-leaving!

  3. I don't think I've ever tapped a car (or at least, I haven't noticed!). Once in a Target parking lot, though, I parked in this spot, ran in and came out to a different car parked on my driver's side IN MY SPOT - like she was totally over the line! So I was very careful opening my door just enough so I could BARELY squeeze in, but my door did touch this woman's car. She was getting out just then and saw this happen and FREAKED out, and was screaming at me in the parking lot for "banging in to her car" and "being a reckless teenager who doesn't know how to drive" (mind you I was 22 at this time, so not even a teenager). I just looked at her, pointed at the line, and said "Ma'am, I understand your frustration, however you are clearly parked in my parking space. I am more than willing to give you my insurance information and file a police report if you would like". She called me a b*tch and stormed off. It was one of the most ridiclous experiences of my life.

    But kudos to you for leaving a note!

  4. Okay first, I love the outfit. I've been so scared of pairing brown and black that now, I really like it. I don't think the shoes compete with the belt at all; instead, I think the two pieces compliment each other nicely.

    Second - YES! When I was leaving work one day, backing out of the spot, I heard a bang and felt that I'd hit someone. It was awful! I didn't even see them behind my car because I was parked on a cement slab and they were in a dirt portion that sat a little bit lower. PLUS - it was a teeny tiny little BMW. Awful! I did check for damage, didn't see any and I left. I felt bad for a while but then I figured if there was no damage, it's okay. Besides, they had a beamer and I do not, so even if there was damage, they still got the better end of the deal. :)

  5. You look great!! Thanks for entering our giveaway! I'm so glad to have found your blog... and by the way... good luck!!

  6. my sister taught me about "berkeley love tap" too!! all bumpers here have slight dings and love taps...due to congested parking in an urban town. same with SF. everyone's doing their best to conserve space and create more spaces on the it's understandable.

    having said that, i got a LOVE TAP while waiting at a stop light. the person behind me tapped me oh-so-gently...waved apologetically, and gestured at me if i wanted to stop and talk. i was in a ebulliently good mood that i just waved back dismissively. they knew they were in the wrong, and i was sure my bumper was still intact. i need to stop being so nice.

  7. First of all--love your outfit, even the shoes :) Unfortunately, I've "bumped and ran" before but I ran only because there was no visible damage to the other car. I try not to parallel park whenever possible--I'm horrible!

  8. Thanks ladies. I realize now I probably overreacted in my note-leaving and fretting...I swear it was those people eating outside staring that really guilted me into it. Haven't gotten a call yet (I don't see why I would), so just letting it go.


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