Friday, August 20, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 08.20.10

My french fry addiction, out in the open. These are from In n Out.  I pity the fool that doesn't have live near one.  YUM.

Happy Friday folks!  I am super-excited for my weekend...I'm heading out to Berkeley to spend two days with A, who has been one of my closest friends since kindergarten.  We were both "new" kids in kindergarten (she transferred from a private school nearby, and I had just moved to California from Dallas, TX).  For years A, her sister, and I always got called each others names, especially when people were looking at the backs of our heads.  We went to the same school all the way through college.  And 22 years later, here we are, all grown up. So excited.

While I'm off having fun, please enjoy these links.
  • This is the first year in nearly 10 that I haven't moved (across town, across the state, or across the country).  But we'll probably move next year.  When I do, I'll definitely be following KT's tips on packing.
  • Have you ever bought an item online only to see the price has dropped the next day?  Lifehacker calculates the best days of the week to purchase clothing online.
  • While I generally think guys have an easier (but boring-er) time dressing for work, there are some that could use a few tips. Check out this article on how to dress like a post-collegiate male.
  • How fun would it be to have giant cupcake-shaped containers holding stuff around your office? Fun.  And I think it'd make me hungry all the time.
  • If you asked 12 people what the biggest at-work faux pas was, you'd get 12 different answers.  But the ones in this article are pretty bad. Yahoo Hot Jobs talks about bad habits at work.
  • After a few packed days at work this week, my Thursday was feeling blah, and then I read Chris Brogan's article on tightening up (no, not the glutes).  I think I'm going to keep this handy for days when I feel uninspired or smug.
  • I've probably been asked at least 3 times in the last week to see Eat, Pray, Love. It's not that I don't think it will be good, it's just I think the premise sounds better as a book, and I haven't had time to get it and read it.  Bitch magazine takes a look at "priv-lit," a category in which EPL definitely falls.  While I don't believe there is anything wrong with enjoying the finer things in life and treating yourself when you want to and can, this article questions whether the proliferation of priv-lit and other like media are giving a false sense that personal enrichment and well-being can be had for a price.  Agree or disagree, it's an interesting read.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Aww, have fun! It's always great seeing old friends. I have to admit, I LOVE McD's french fries the best =X

  2. Angeline, definitely read EPL instead of seeing the movie. I started listening to the audiobook on my iPod, and so many great details are lost in the movie.

    P.S. I totally share in your french fry addiction. And it's been out of control lately...

  3. Hi. I really like your blog :).

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  4. it's ridiculous that you've moved that often, geez.

  5. @ maria - I LOVE McD's fries. Luckily there aren't any close to me, or I'd be in trouble. :)

    @ keira - Thanks for the tip...I DO want to read the book!

    @ sydney - Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like it.

    @ t - I know. But I sort of like it. :)


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